NewJeans announced as the newest model of McDonald’s Korea

Attention! NewJeans is the newest model of McDonald's.

On the 27th, McDonald’s revealed that it will be introducing a new menu in March and has chosen NewJeans to represent their ‘crispness of a different dimension’ campaign.

NewJeans consisting of Minji, HanniDanielleHaerin, and Hyein, a girl group with a unique vision, has caught the attention of fast-food giant McDonald’s. The popular restaurant chain has chosen NewJeans as a prime advertising model, aligning with McDonald’s brand image of offering a diverse range of flavors and distinctive dining experiences through an ever-evolving menu. Just as jeans remain a timeless wardrobe staple, NewJeans strives to leave a lasting impression on consumers as a standout girl group in today’s music industry.

Next month, McDonald’s is set to introduce a brand new menu, alongside a fresh advertising campaign centered around the theme of “crispness in a different dimension” with the help of NewJeans. The upcoming advertising video aims to showcase the unique appeal of the new menu, while highlighting the natural and vibrant energy of the group. With NewJeans, McDonald’s hopes to captivate and engage audiences with this exciting new offering.

A representative from McDonald’s expressed, “We hope that this new menu, which will emerge as a trend in the chicken burger world, and the trendy mood of the popular group NewJeans will give positive synergy to each other. Please look forward to seeing the new menu at McDonald’s soon.”

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