aespa wraps first solo concert in Seoul

Congratulations, aespa!!!

Metaverse girl group, aespa have successfully completed their very first solo concert. The event was an enormous success, with a whopping 10,000 attendees who were all eager to see the four talented members perform live on stage.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium recently played host to aespa’s highly-anticipated concert, “SYNK: HYPER LINE,” which took place from February 25 to 26, 2023. With their unique allure and captivating performances, the event managed to draw in an impressive global audience of 79 regions, as observed through the Beyond LIVE platform.

Being aespa’s first solo concert since their debut, the event showcased an impressive array of performances that could only be witnessed at live shows. With a staggering total of 25 songs, including a collection of chart-toppers, solo performances, and even a brand new, undisclosed track, the stage was set for an unforgettable experience.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

At the highly anticipated concert, aespa wowed the crowd with their performance of chart-topping hits including their debut track ‘Black Mamba’, as well as ‘Next Level’, ‘Savage’, and ‘Girls’. Fans were also treated to some of the group’s previously released choreography practice videos and Instagram posts. In addition, aespa offered a sneak peek of their upcoming comeback by previewing songs like ‘Thirsty’, ‘Salty & Sweet’, ‘I’m Unhappy’, ‘Don’t Blink’, ‘Hot Air Balloon’, ‘YOLO’, and ‘Till We Meet Again’.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

Furthermore, the concert featured captivating solo stages prepared for each aespa member, showcasing their unique talents and personalities. Karina delivered a powerful performance in ‘Menagerie’, while Winter’s sweet voice stole the show in ‘Lips’. Giselle’s intense rapping was on full display in her solo stage, ‘2Hot4U’, and Ningning impressed with her reverse dance line in ‘Wake up’.

In addition, SM’s Performance Director, Shim Jae Won, skillfully utilized aespa’s unique concept to craft an visually impressive performance, featuring a multitude of vibrant effects such as fireworks, firecrackers, lasers, and lifts. The songs “Lingo” and “Hot Air Balloon” were further enhanced by the incorporation of various props, including an adorable balloon doll, to amplify their appeal and create an immersive atmosphere. The use of a transparent OLED screen displaying the aespa avatar, ‘ae’, added a sense of realism and captivated the audience’s attention.

Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

Moreover, the audience enthusiastically enjoyed the performance, waving lightsticks, chanting fan chants, and cheering. As the performance concluded, the crowd joined in a fan chant of “ICU” and “Forever,” and a banner event featuring the phrase “Let’s be together every day that will unfold countless times.” took place.

aespa, having completed a successful performance in Seoul, is set to continue their world tour in Japan, commencing with Osaka on March 15th.

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