HORI7ON “100 Days Miracle” to air on MYX, IWantTFC

HORI7ON, consisting of Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus, debut reality documentary “100 Days Miracle” will now be available for streaming through MYX, an entertainment channel of the Philippines with over 200 million viewers, and IWantTFC, an OTT platform with more than 13 million users.

Photo courtesy of MLD Entertainment

The documentary “100 Days Miracle” which captured the 100-day-long journey of HORI7ON as the members gear up for their debut recorded 1.6 million views in just 4 episodes as it was aired through M2 in Korea. The episodes that were released on Youtube, can be watched with Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindu subtitles.

Beginning with MYX and IWantTFC, “100 Days Miracle” has now secured its programming slot on TFC’s cable channel and IPTV platforms. The documentary is set to be broadcasted for a duration of 10 weeks, reaching audiences in the Philippines, North America, the Middle East, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, with a global target.

Recently, HORI7ON achieved a successful official debut in Korea with their title song “SIX7EEN” and album “Friend-SHIP,” and they are currently engaged in active promotions. Simultaneously, their release garnered widespread acclaim, topping the album charts on iTunes in the Philippines, New Zealand, and the Arab Emirates, claiming the top spot. Moreover, within just nine days of their debut, the group earned a remarkable nomination for 1st place on “The Show Choice” on August 1, solidifying their presence as a rising force in the world of pop music.

Meanwhile. HORI7ON is set to return to the Philippines for their first-ever concert “Friend-SHIP: Voyage to Manila” in September.

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