MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Bids Farewell to “Hwasa Show”

Hwasa successfully wrapped "Hwasa Show".

Hwasa of MAMAMOO conveyed her emotions regarding the conclusion of her talk show.

The late-night music entertainment program, “Hwasa Show” on tvN, came to an end on the 18th. The show featured MC Hwasa and other musicians who shared stories and music to fill the late-night hours, while various guests enjoyed themselves in Hwasa’s music studio, providing viewers with an enjoyable and emotional experience.

Hwasa, the talented artist, has proven herself to be an exceptional host on her very own talk show called “Hwasa Show.” With her stable hosting abilities and excellent chemistry with guests, she has created a relaxed atmosphere that is both enjoyable and engaging for viewers.

Moreover, Hwasa’s clever ad-libs infused the show with her unique personality. Overall, her hosting skills have been remarkable, making her a beloved host among fans and viewers alike.

“I didn’t think I would be an MC in my life, but it feels new. I feel like I’ve had a really valuable experience and study through Hwasa Show. I’m very grateful to the viewers who loved me despite my poor hosting, and above all, to the production staff who suffered the most,

Continuing her statement, Hwasa remarked that she had come to appreciate the cultural richness of Korea even more through her interactions with various artists on the eighth episode of “Hwasa Show”. She then appealed for support to ensure that Korean artists can continue to create meaningful and captivating content through music shows, and promised to put in even more effort to contribute to this cause.

Meanwhile, Hwasa released three songs as part of “Hwasa Show”. Following the release of the program’s opening track and theme song, she unveiled a second track entitled “Grey Christmas”, which effectively captures the multifaceted and nuanced emotions commonly associated with the holiday season. Hwasa also dropped a live version of “MMM Simile,” the show’s third track, which features a medley of Mamamoo’s greatest hits.

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