Netflix to release ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ in July

Netflix upcoming reality show 'Nineteen to Twenty (19/20)' is scheduled to be released on July 11.

Netflix has officially announced the release date of ’19/20 (Nineteen Twenty)’, a reality entertainment show that captures the unique experiences and emotions of 19-year-olds transitioning into their twenties.

Set to premiere on July 11, viewers can expect to witness a fascinating journey of personal growth and self-discovery. With its engaging concept, ’19/20′ provides portrayal of Generation Z, showcasing their endearing clumsiness and unwavering freshness during the pivotal time between their last week as teenagers and their first week as adults.

The newly unveiled teaser poster for ’19/20 (Nineteen Twenty)’ immediately grabs attention with its vibrant depiction of young individuals donning school uniforms and energetically racing towards their school.

Born in 2004, the Generation Z participants embark on a transformative journey, gaining valuable knowledge and life lessons at the ‘Nineteen School’ during their final week as teenagers. As they transition into their twenties, they come together in the ‘Twenty House,’ an independent space free from the influence of parents and teachers, to build memories.

According to producer Kim Jae Won, who is behind the shows ‘Single’s Inferno’ and ’19/20′, the former focuses on connecting young men and women in their 20s and 30s, while the latter explores a different concept. Kim Jae-won stated, “While ‘Single’s Inferno’ is a sizzling program shot during summer and broadcasted in winter, ’19/20′ takes place during winter but evokes refreshing emotions. It will be aired in the summer season.”

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