Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency denies bullying allegations

Management SOOP released an official statement regarding Nam Joo Hyuk‘s bullying issue.

While there were claims that actor Nam Joo-hyuk was a perpetrator of school violence, his agency stated that the accusations were false and that legal action would be taken.

On June 20, a media site published an exclusive reported about an anonymous person who alleged got bullied for six years. The anonymous person accused Nam Joo Hyuk of school bullying for six years, spanning middle and high school. The person even presented a photo of the yearbook. According to SBS, the anonymous person ‘claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk bullied other classmates by shoving, swearing, hitting, and cutting in line during lunchtime.’

Moreover, Management SOOP said that they will apply for correction information to the media arbitration committee against the media, taking responsibility for seriously damaging the actor’s reputation due to this false report. They will also file a complaint against the anonymous person.

Here’s Management SOOP official statement as translated by Google.

Hello. This is Management Soop. This is the official position regarding an article about actor Nam Joo Hyuk.

First of all, we ask for your understanding for the delay in expressing our position to confirm the facts. As a result of confirming the facts with the actor regarding the first news article, it was confirmed that all of the contents were not true at all. Also, we are sorry for the one-sided report by the media that did not go through a single fact-check with the agency or the actor until this article was published.

We plan to promptly file an application for correction information to the Media Arbitration Committee against the media in question, taking responsibility for seriously damaging the actor’s reputation due to this false report. We will also file criminal charges against the media reporter who first reported it and the anonymous whistleblower. In order to proceed with these legal actions, we have requested a case from our legal advisors today, and we are currently working on it.

Actors and their families suffer the most from vague and vague gossip rumors that are reckless and not confirmed at all. Regarding the current situation in which the scarlet letter stigma is engraved even if the agency or the actor reveals the official position that the agency or the actor reveals the official position that it is unfounded about the excessively ‘or not’ type of articles that rely only on baseless online rumors and without any confirmation of the facts. There is really no way to hide my tragic and sad heart.

After this time, the management company will take strict legal responsibility for any act of posting unilateral claims online (SNS, YouTube) without a clear fact-checking process. In addition, we will take strong measures with no lenient punishment for malicious extended interpretations, acts that encourage such interpretation, or malicious posts and comments that go beyond simple expression of opinions. Data that has already been collected through monitoring will also be subject to legal action.

In this regard, we earnestly ask you to refrain from spreading baseless rumors or speculative reports. In the future, we will take strict measures from various angles through continuous monitoring. thank you!
Management SOOP, Nam Joo Hyuk’s Label

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