Hwang In Youp uncovers true beauty with Filipino fans!

Actor Hwang In Youp returned to the Philippines now as a popular actor and BYS Cosmetics ambassador, June 19 at the New Frontier Theater.

Hwang In Youp held a press conference at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel on June 19, the same day as his fun meeting. During the press conference, he shared his favorite Filipino foods, what he misses the most about the Philippines, and, of course, skincare.

Davao is close to Hwang In Youp’s heart

Asked about how he is feeling that he can travel again and back at the Philippines, Hwang In Youp shared the he was happy to be back in the Philippines. He also said that he was so surprised when he saw Filipino fans at the airport waiting for him. In Youp lived in Davao for four years before he returned to Korea.

He added that it had been ten years since he last saw his Davao friends, but they remain in touch; some of his friends are professors, while others live abroad. He wanted to travel back to Davao, but his schedule is so tight that he won’t be able to do so right now. He also missed Jollibee’s Fried Chicken, Chowking’s Halo-Halo and Kwek Kwek.

In Youp’s skincare regimen

Hwang In Youp is the endorser of BYS Cosmetics skincare line. He shared that since he was a child his parents put sunscreen on him and he maintained it to this day. On top of that, he uses hydrating masks when he get home at night.

When asked which product from the BYS Cosmetics skincare line he would recommend, In Youp emphasized that it should not be a single product but rather a regimen. He mentioned that you must use the line’s toner, serum, and other products.

In celebrating being themselves, Hwang In Youp explained that there will always be times in life when you will be critical of yourself, but it is essential to love yourself since you must first love yourself in order to love others.

Hwang In Youp met Filipino fans

To warm up the night, Filipino singer Kier King serenade the crowd. He performed “I Miss You” by Kim Bum Soo and of course Hwang In Youp’s “It Starts Today.

During the first segment titled “Hwang on Hwang,” he shared that if he would turn 18 again, in reference to the drama with the same name, Hwang In Youp said that he would definitely visit Davao again, and go to school and probably eat Kwek kwek in the streets again.

Photo courtesy of BYS Cosmetics PH

Moving to the next segment titled “Getting to know Youp,” the audience played a quiz game, wherein the questions were all about Hwang In Youp. He also revealed that his favorite character will be the same as his admirers’ choice. In this game, we landed at the 8th spot!

What we love the most during the fan meeting was watching some of Hwang In Youp‘s memorable scenes with him. That night, we believe that our ‘true beauty’ is always within us, by being the best version of ourselves.

Hwang In Youp fan meeting was presented by BYS Cosmetics and Wilbros Live.

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