HORI7ON gears up for debut with the release of first album in July

The highly anticipated debut of the seven-member group, HORI7ON, is just around the corner. MLD Entertainment announced that HORI7ON will be making their official debut in Korea with the release of their first album at the end of July.

HORI7ON’s 100 DAYS MIRACLE Documentary

To build excitement ahead of their debut, HORI7ON will be treating their fans to a special documentary series titled “100 DAYS MIRACLE,” set to premiere on July 7. This captivating documentary will showcase the growth and transformation of the boys during their 100-day journey from the Philippines to Korea.

The documentary promises to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the production process of their album and the preparations leading up to their debut.

HORI7ON, whose name symbolizes the horizon, represents a collective dream shared by the members who were brought together through a collaborative survival audition program called Dream Maker. Now, united in purpose, they embark on their journey toward success.

As they gear up themselves to the final preparations for their album release, fans can catch the first episode of “100 DAYS MIRACLE” on July 7 at 7 PM (KST) through M2.

We are excited about what’s next for HORI7ON and their ANCHORS!

WATCH HORI7ON’s – ‘Lovey Dovey’ MV

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