HORI7ON sails with ANCHORs toward hundred-day miracle journey

As HORI7ON prepares to embark on their journey to Korea for training and debut, they held a fan meeting that was nothing short of magical. Dubbed ‘Hundred Days Miracle,’ the event took place on April 22 at the New Frontier Theater, where fans came together to show their love and support for their beloved idols.

HORI7ON is a dynamic group composed of seven talented individuals, each bringing their unique strengths and personalities to the table. The group consists of Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston, who were brought together through the process of a survival idol program called ‘Dream Maker.’

This program was a collaborative effort between Korea and the Philippines, which sought to discover and cultivate the next generation of idols.

Press Conference

Before the fanmeeting, HORI7ON held a press conference with the members of the press.

When asked about what they are looking forward to in their career, the members shared their excitement about living in Korea since most of them have never been there before. It was revealed that HORI7ON is scheduled to fly to Korea this year for their training and debut, making their anticipation for this new chapter even more thrilling.

Currently, while in the Philippines, the boys are dedicating 12 hours a day to improving their dancing skills. They have mentioned that they will be given voice lessons and Korean language classes when they arrive in Korea.

Regarding their musical influences, Reyster revealed that he mostly likes K-Pop artists such as BLACKPINK, ENHYPEN, NCT, and BTS, among others. Meanwhile, Jeromy is also a fan of K-Pop and likes BLACKPINK, BTS, ENHYPEN, and The Boyz, mainly because he admires their dancing skills.

Kyler’s musical influences mainly come from P-Pop groups like SB19. He shared that he particularly likes SB19’s song ‘Go Up’ because it inspires him to pursue his dreams. Additionally, he admires EXO’s D.O. for his exceptional vocals and enjoys listening to his song ‘Rose’ frequently.

Marcus shared that his musical influence comes from his kuyas, BGYO, because of their captivating stage presence and exceptional dancing skills. As the bunso or maknae of his group, Marcus also revealed that he has been a fan of BTS’s Jung Kook since 2016.

Kim shared that he’s been interested in playing instruments since childhood and has always looked up to idols like G-Dragon from BIGBANG, who produce their own music. He recently purchased a new laptop, which has allowed him to start creating his own beats.

Vinci, the group’s leader, looks up to Mark of NCT and Lisa of BLACKPINK as his role models, as they both embody a deep passion for performing. Vinci aspires to follow in their footsteps and become a performer like them in the future.

Winston, on the other hand, has a diverse range of musical interests. He is a fan of several K-Pop groups, including BTS, ENHYPEN, BLACKPINK, and The Boyz. Additionally, he enjoys listening to P-Pop groups such as BGYO, BINI, and SB19.

Hundred Days Miracle Fanmeeting

As the clock struck 6PM, the lights inside New Frontier Theater slowly faded to black, eliciting loud cheers from the excited audience. The cheers quickly turned into deafening screams as the shadows of the boys became visible, taking their positions onstage.

What better way to kick off the fanmeeting than with a dazzling performance of HORI7ON’s OT7 version of Dream Maker’s signature song “Take My Hand.” Dressed in matching white suits, the boys took the stage and truly embodied the spirit of the song’s lyrics, shining brightly in the spotlight.

Following their opening performance, each member took a turn to introduce themselves and express their gratitude for the sold-out show. With sincerity in their voices, they thanked the fans for their unwavering support and promised to give their all during the fanmeeting.

Moving forward with the fanmeeting, HORI7ON took the stage to perform their pre-debut song “Dash,” which has gained immense popularity with 2.6 million views on the official music video since its release. The crowd went wild as the boys showcased their impressive dance moves.

To liven up the fanmeeting, the boys participated in an exciting game called the whisper challenge, where one player had to guess the word or phrase being said by their partner while wearing noise-cancelling headphones. The pairs for the game were Vinci and Reyster, Winston and Marcus, and Kyler, Jeromy, and Kim.

For the next game, the boys took on the Drawing Challenge. Similar to the Whisper Challenge, this game required the boys to guess a word or phrase. However, this time, instead of using spoken clues, the boys had to rely on their partner’s artistic skills to convey the answer through drawing. The audience watched with anticipation as each pair tried their best to interpret and convey the correct answer, resulting in some hilarious and impressive sketches (I mean….).

The fanmeeting became even more special as HORI7ON revealed their fandom name. Out of all the suggestions from fans, ANCHOR was announced as the official fandom name. It means ‘Anchor, gives meaning that the fans will become compass as the anchors of the boat that is HORI7ON’.

The HORI7ON members continued to captivate the audience with their impressive performances. Their rendition of ‘Odd Eye,’ one of the challenge songs from the survival show, showcased their razor-sharp dance moves and left the crowd in awe. Building on that momentum, they then roared and conquered the stage with their powerful rendition of ‘Tiger’.

After their high-energy performance, the HORI7ON members took a brief break before inviting lucky Anchors to join them for the ‘Dash Challenge.’ This exciting segment gave fans a chance to participate in a fun activity alongside their favorite performers. The video was then uploaded to HORI7ON’s official TIkTok account.

As HORI7ON prepares to make their debut in Korea, their familiarity with K-Pop hits was put to the test during the Random Play Dance segment. The members showcased their impressive dance skills as they grooved to popular tunes such as Fifty Fifty’s ‘Cupid,’ Kai’s ‘Rover,’ EXO’s ‘Growl,’ and Seventeen’s ‘Aju Nice,’ among others.

In their heartfelt ending ment, the HORI7ON members expressed their deep gratitude to all those who have supported them thus far. As they prepare to embark on their new journey and make their debut in Korea, the members promised to continue working hard and delivering their best.

Before their final song, the HORI7ON members showcased their adorable side with a charming rendition of ‘Lovey Dovey.’ The upbeat tempo and playful theme perfectly suited the group, highlighting their fun and refreshing personalities.

For their final song, HORI7ON thanked the crowd with their song ‘Salamat,’ which translates to ‘Thank You’ in English. The heartfelt lyrics and emotional melody were a fitting tribute to the group’s journey and a touching expression of their gratitude to their dedicated fans, Anchors. As the members poured their hearts into the performance, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

For the encore, HORI7ON returned to the stage while wearing animal onesies. They performed the cutest version of ‘Dash’ and of course ‘Lovey Dovey’.

HORI7ON’s first fanmeeting came to an end. Though it was their last stage in the country for now, the group’s journey was only just beginning. With their upcoming Hundred Days Miracle journey on the horizon, the members were eager to embark on the next chapter of their careers and continue to pursue their dreams.

As they waved goodbye to the cheering crowd, the members of HORI7ON were filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation for what was to come. With their boundless talent, passion, and dedication, there was no doubt that the future was bright for this talented group. Good luck, HORI7ON!

HORI7ON ‘Hundred Days Miracle’ fanmeeting was presented by DNM Entertainment.

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