Shawols made the Best Chois at Minho’s fan meeting in Manila

Definitely. the BEST CHOIS!

The night was filled with excitement and joy as Minho of the popular South Korean boy group SHINee, and his passionate Filipino fans, known as Shawols, gathered at the Mall of Asia Arena last January 28 for a fan-packed event. The fan meeting and concert was a rare opportunity for Shawols to connect and interact with their Minho. It was truly a lucky night, as Shawols were able to experience the talent, charisma, and energy of Minho in person.

Wearing a magnificent suit fit for royalty, Minho graced the stage and ignited the fan meeting with his solo performance of “Heartbreak” from his solo debut album. The audience was in awe as Minho’s smooth and soulful voice filled the arena, setting the tone of the night.

Minho expressed his excitement for his first solo fan meeting and shared that he has made ample preparations for his fans. He also expressed his joy at visiting the Philippines as his first stop after the fan meeting in Seoul.

For the initial segment, “Lucky Box”, Minho embarked on two thrilling adventures with his fans. The first challenge involved doinga synchronized pose with a fan, as instructed by a specific word. As the fan approached the stage, Minho joyfully said to the crowd, “Did you miss me? Really? I miss you too!” The two flawlessly mirrored each other’s posture to the word “Lucifer”, making the mission a success. Before leaving the stage, the fan was also hugged by Minho!

Upon the successful completion of the mission, Minho opened the Lucky Box. It held a Barong Tagalog, which he respectfully put on. He also performed the traditional dance called “Pandanggo.”

Proceeding to the second mission, a group of fans were tasked to recreate a group pose. Minho then gave handshakes to the lucky fans and said “I love you too.” Isn’t he just the sweetest? The mission was successful as well so Minho opened another box with a crown inside, the right fit for the King that he is. 

In the following segment, “Lucky Moment,” Minho took the stage and recreated iconic scenes from popular K-Dramas, donning costumes for each role. He did a fantastic job bringing to life memorable scenes from “Alchemy of Soul” and “Descendants of the Sun.” His acting skills never disappoints. 

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly when Minho revealed the winning combination of 3, 2, 8, which sent waves of excitement through the Philippines as numerous fans held the winning numbers and took home an exclusive photocard as their prize. Fortune truly smiled upon them! 

Minho then captivated the audience with a mesmerizing medley of SHINee’s classics, including the unforgettable tracks ‘Atlantis,’ ‘Don’t Call Me,’ ‘Kiss Kiss,’ and ‘Code.’ His dynamic performance left everyone captivated and eager for more. As soon as he got back onstage, he performed ‘Runaway’ also from his solo debut album. 

For the second half of the show, Minho will talk about his debut album “Chase” using the songs titles as keywords. For ‘Runaway,’ Minho said that if he will runaway Philippines is the best place. He also did a Philippines version of ‘Heartbreak’.

Joining the dance challenge, Minho effortlessly danced to ‘Dati-Dati’ song by Sarah Geronimo. A helpful fan taught him the steps, making his moves even smoother. 

As the fan meeting reached its final moments, Minho’s enchanting performance of “Chase,” his debut song, left the audience in awe, capping off the event on a high note.

As the night reached its end, Minho brought the house down with an emotional performance of “I’m Home.” The fan meeting was truly a home away from home for PH Shawols, and the thought of seeing the other members of SHINee return to Manila filled them with excitement. A fan banner read “WE WANT SHINEE WORLD VI IN PHILIPPINES,” to which Minho replied with a heartfelt promise to come back to the Philippines with all the members. Shawols was left with a sense of anticipation and joy for the future.

The night was a testament to the deep connection that Minho shares with his fans and the incredible impact that Minho and SHINee have had on so many lives. With each song and each interaction, Minho made sure that every one made their Best Chois of spending the fan meeting with him.

The 2023 BEST CHOI’s MINHO LUCKY CHOI’s IN MANILA was presented by Ovation Productions.

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