ENHYPEN successfully opens three-day sold-out concert in Manila

No more manifesting, ENHYPEN stages 'Manifesto' in Manila!

K-Pop group ENHYPEN composed of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki successfully opened their three-day sold-out ‘Manifesto’ in Manila concert at MOA Arena.

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The wait was finally over as ENHYPEN kicked off their first world tour, ‘ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘MANIFESTO,’ and the results were nothing short of breathtaking! One year and ten months after their explosive debut in November 2020, the talented K-Pop group took the world by storm as they toured across 12 cities and Manila was the last stop for this tour.

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

ENHYPEN’s mission to conquer the global stage was a resounding success, as their amazing talents and boundless energy left a lasting impression on fans everywhere. It was a thrilling experience that will surely be remembered by every ENGENE forever.

ENHYPEN delivered a mesmerizing performance on their world tour ‘MANIFESTO’ showcasing their signature synchronized moves and leaving audiences awestruck. With a setlist featuring a mix of fan-favorites from their genre-defying discography, and a special stage specifically prepared for this tour, the group wowed fans with their talent. The show was highlighted by the lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” from their latest 3rd Mini Album, MANIFESTO : DAY 1, which quickly became the band’s second “Million-Seller” album, selling over a million copies within a week of its release.

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

While all the stages were impressive, some of the must-see performances were ‘Intro + Walk the Line + Given Taken,’ TFW (That Feeling When),’ ‘Drunk Dazed,’ ‘One In A Billion,’ ‘Fever,’ ‘Polaroid Love,’ ‘Go Big or Go Home,’ ‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC),’ ‘ParadoXXX Invasion,’ and ‘SHOUT OUT.’

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB
Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB
Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

ENHYPEN made a memorable and historic debut on the concert stage in the Philippines, as their three-day show was completely sold out. This marked a significant milestone in their career, proving their popularity in the Philippines. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and energy, as fans eagerly awaited their turn to experience the thrill of watching ENHYPEN LIVE concert. It was a triumphant moment for the group, as they successfully marked their arrival on the concert stage in the Philippines, and left a lasting impression on their fans.

ENHYPEN ‘Manifesto’ in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour.

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