cignature shares what fans can expect from them for 2023

As summer approached, J9 Entertainment’s group cignature made waves into the spotlight with their latest album, ‘Us in the Summer.’ The vibrant beats and soulful melodies in their music echoed the season’s warmth, quickly capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

During the roundtable interview, One Seoul along with the other members of the press had the privilege of asking a few questions to the six members of cignature, namely Chaesol, Jeewon, Seline, Chloe, Semi, and Dohee. Belle was unable to partake in this interview as she is currently engaged in SBS’ audition program, Universe Ticket.

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When it came to discussing their music video for “Smooth Sailing,” filmed in Japan, Dohee eagerly shared her thoughts, stating, “It was our first time shooting a music video overseas with all the members, so it was incredibly exciting and fun. Personally, I believe this experience improved our teamwork as well. It was a great opportunity for us as a group.”

Delving further into Cignature’s new release, it revolves around the various facets of love, encompassing first crushes and innocent romance. They want to remind people of the simple and pure love we experience as kids. 

“This album delves into the pure and innocent love experienced by girls. It explores the feelings of first love, puppy love, and the inner stories of individuals. In a world where expressing love has become somewhat challenging, we aim to help people rediscover their inner innocence through our performances and music, as if they’ve returned to their childhood. We hope that everyone can enjoy our performances,” Chaesol shared. 

For this comeback, the members also participated in the creative process of the album. According to Chloe, “For our title track, “Smooth Sailing”, there is a part where we exchange diaries, and our members wrote down the diary entries and we exchanged it with each other. We would reply to these entries, so we participated in that.”

Additionally, Chloe highlighted, “JEEWON came up with the idea of the choreography. It was actually for a challenge, but our CEO really liked it so we are actually doing the “bow” part in the actual choreography. Also, I picked up this outfit for the music video, and also our CEO really liked it so we were wearing that in the music video. And we actually had to pick out the title track and it was a unanimous opinion that we really liked this song. We actually went through 50-ish songs to pick a best one for the comeback, and this was the song that we picked.”

Moreover, cignature’s title track “Smooth Sailing,” tells a story of a trivial love. When asked about why fans should listen to this song, Chloe explained why fans should listen to this song, “I think this song captures our natural side. We’re all about going hard and perfecting performances on stage, but with this song, we tried to show a more relaxing side where we can enjoy our performance on stage. I hope that our fans who are watching our performance can also feel the joy. That’s what I hope for.” 

One Seoul asked cignature how does ‘Us In the Summer’ differs from their previous releases. Seline answered,” I don’t think there’s a significant difference from our previous albums, but the main distinction is that our prior release was during the winter, so we aimed for a bright and energetic vibe. In contrast, this is a seasonal summer song, and we tried to capture the cool, refreshing, yet laid-back feeling of summer. I guess the biggest difference lies in the seasonal setting.”

As we approach the end of 2023, we asked the group what fans can expect from them for the rest of the year. Chaesol shared, “2023 is drawing to a close, and we want to make the most of the time we have left to connect with our fans and deliver exceptional performances. We’re excited to showcase various aspects of ourselves and present an improved and more polished version of cignature.”

Stay tuned for the latest updates and releases from cignature as they continue to shine brightly in the K-pop scene!

WATCH cignature(시그니처) – 안녕, 인사해 (Smooth Sailing) M/V

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