Red Velvet’s Wendy Confirmed as Featured Artist on NCT Taeyong’s Upcoming Album

According to SM Entertainment, NCT’s Taeyong and Red Velvet’s Wendy will captivate fans with their highly anticipated collaboration in the song ‘Move Mood Mode,’ which is part of Taeyong’s much-awaited debut solo album ‘SHALALA.’

The album ‘SHALALA’ contains a collection of 7 songs, among them the eponymous title track. Notably, Taeyong has demonstrated his lyrical and compositional talents by personally crafting the lyrics for the album.

One of the b-side tracks, ‘Move Mood Mode,’ showcases Taeyong’s solo prowess as he both wrote and composed the song. This medium-tempo pop piece exquisitely blends a lively chord progression with an infectious synth sound, creating a harmonious and captivating musical experience.

Meanwhile, Taeyong’s first mini-album ‘SHALALA’ will be released on June 5th at 6pm.

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