Some of Hwang In Youp K-Dramas you must watch!

You may have first seen Hwang In Youp as the charming Han Seo Joon in the drama “True Beauty,” and you may have wished to see more of his work before the successful Korean series. Hwang In Youp is 31 years old, but he still passes as a high school student. Isn’t he looking younger? What is his trick? Okay, let’s get back to the drama in which he starred. With approximately 14 million Instagram followers, it is safe to say that he has truly grabbed the hearts of K-Drama fans.

Some of Hwang In Youp drama you must watch!

1. W.H.Y

This was Hwang In Youp‘s debut project. He played the role of Gi Jae Yeong the friend of Cha Yeon Woo, the main character. This 10-episode drama revolve around the story of a guy who got dumped on their 100th day anniversary without knowing the real reason. You can watch this drama on YouTube.

2. The Tale of Nokdu

Hwang In Youp slayed in this drama! In Youp portrayed Yool Mu’s warrior in this drama. He has the greatest swordsmanship abilities in the drama and is recognized with his young age and gorgeous features.

Photo SM Entertainment

3. The Sound of Magic

Hwang In Youp portrayed Na Il Deung, a student under pressure to follow his ambitions, in this drama. When he meets the magician Ri Eul, performed by Ji Changwook, an enthralling narrative unfolds.

The Sound of Magic Hwang In Youp as Na Il-deung The Sound of Magic Cr. Lim Hyo Sun/Netflix © 2022

4. Why Her?

This is an ongoing drama. Hwang In Youp plays the role of Gong Chan, he is a student who has a painful past but still has a warm heart. As he fall in love with the lawyer, Oh Soo Jae, he would do anything for her.

5. True Beauty

Okey Dokey! Of course, who can forget In Youp gave life to the character Han Seo Joon! In this drama, he has a soft personality inside contrary to his appearance. His character also showed affection to Jugyeong and he cares for his mother.

Furthermore, in this drama, Hwang In Youp showcased not only his immaculate physical appearance but also his pure heart, the actual beauty that is inside him. Similarly to BYS Cosmetics’ “Uncover Beauty” campaign. According to iFace Manager, they signed Hwang In Youp as a brand endorser as a statement about beauty and gender. “This is an opportunity for us to smash stereotypes and shift away from standards, as well as be that voice to help shape the way we see beauty”

Hwang In Youp is coming here in Manila with BYS Cosmetics.

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