aespa speak about the importance of sustainable real world

SM Entertainment’s metaverse girl group aespa attended the United Nations’ 2022 High-Level Political Forum in New York City to deliver a meaningful speech at the UN General Assembly Hall, July 5.

In the present, nothing seems impossible, even the creation of virtual world. aespa is the K-Pop group that popularized the concept of the metaverse. Meaning in the virtual world, they have their avatars.

Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning then delivered their meaningful message. aespa is expressed that they are honored to attend the event. Giselle then explained, “Our group, aespa, uniquely moves between reality and virtual reality. We exist here in the real world, and four of our avatar members exist in the virtual world. Together, we are often called the ‘metaverse girl group.’”

Giselled added, “People are paying more attention to creating the best possible metaverse world. It transcends many boundaries—reality and virtual reality, time and space, and genres and generations. As the metaverse accelerates, we have to ask the question: ‘Are we working just as hard to create the best possible real world?’

“The metaverse reflects reality. If our own reality is not sustainable, it would become difficult to sustain the possibilities of the virtual world. Without sustainable ecosystems or equal opportunities for quality living, there will be no real world to be mirrored.

“The topic of sustainable development is urgent, and we believe that the next generation must support sustainable development goals in order to protect the world that we live in.

According to Giselle, aespa will continue to connect with the next generation through music, and we’ll work to represent sustainable goals in reality, hence, within the metaverse.”

Eventually, Karina concluded the speech by saying,  “Once again, thank you again for having us. We are honored to be here to discuss a topic that is so important for the next generation.”

Meanwhile, aespa is scheduled to drop their 2nd-mini album “Girls” on July 8.

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