aespa enters real world with ‘Welcome to MY World’ teasers

aespa showcases their enchanting appeal with the pre-released track ‘Welcome To MY World’.

Ahead of their upcoming third mini-album ‘MY WORLD’ set to drop on May 8, aespa will be unveiling the pre-release track ‘Welcome to My World’ on various music platforms at 6 pm on May 2.

This alternative pop track features a dreamy guitar riff and a grand orchestral arrangement in its latter half.

In addition, aespa’s official social network service (SNS) account released a teaser image of Karina and Ningning as they departed KWANGYA and entered the REAL WORLD at midnight on the 19th. The two members gaze dreamily at the camera, igniting curiosity.

Moreover, the music video for aespa’s pre-release single will be available for viewing on various music sites from 6:00 pm on May 2, and it can also be watched on SM Town’s official YouTube channel.

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