Fans call out MIAA over employees’ unprofessional behavior


On February 6th, fans of the K-Pop group ENHYPEN criticized the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) staff due to the reported inappropriate and unprofessional behavior of some airport personnel.

A video went viral showing an airport staff member request ENHYPEN members to show their faces and giggling while conducting a pat-down search during their security check prior to departing for South Korea.

Fans also pointed out the guidelines MIAA posted in 2020 stating that there should be No-Contact security checks meaning Security protocols shall be done via no-contact means. It also says that pat downs will only be conducted under ‘exceptional cases.’

Moreover, netizens also pointed out that pat-down searches should be conducted by a male security personnel, not by someone of the opposite sex. In addition, some airport staff were observed taking photos and videos of the ENHYPEN members which is not permitted by their label. Upon their arrival, a video circulated online showing airport staff filming the group as they scanned their QR codes.

Fanbases took quick actions by reporting it to the authorities. According to ENHYPEN ASIA, MIAA already responded to them via text and “the report will be forwarded to the Office for Transportation Security) for their proper action.”

Hashtag #MIAAdoBetter and keywords MIAA TAKE ACTION, MIAA HEAR US entered Philippines trends list.

At 12:11PM, Office for Transportation Security released a statement on their Facebook page:


It has come to the attention of the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) that there is a video circulating on social media, showing that airport Security Screening Officers allegedly exhibited unprofessional behavior and the unwarranted filming during the conduct of security screening procedures on a group of departing Korean artists at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The management is currently investigating the matter to determine the extent of violation committed based on existing rules and security screening protocols if any, and impose appropriate administrative sanctions, should it be necessary.

While we understand the excitement brought about by the presence of these Korean artists, we remind not only our personnel, but all airport users, that unauthorized filming at our security screening checkpoints is not allowed as a matter of policy.

Rest assured that the OTS shall never tolerate any unprofessional behavior towards the riding public.

Office for Transportation Security

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