G-Dragon denies drug use allegations

G-Dragon also known as Kwon Ji Yong stated that he has never engaged in any drug-related activities and expressed his commitment to cooperating in the ongoing investigation.

On October 27, G-Dragon through his legal representative said, “This is Kwon Ji Yong. First of all, I have never taken drugs. I also want to state that I have nothing to do with the news reports regarding Violation of the ‘Narcotics Control Act’ that were recently released to the media.”

He continued, “However, we will actively cooperate with the investigation and participate more diligently because we know that many people are concerned”.

On the 25th, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit revealed that G-Dragon had been booked on charges related to the Violation of the ‘Narcotics Control Act’ and was currently under investigation.

Prior to this, the police had already booked actor Lee Sun-kyun on drug use allegations, which led to a mandatory investigation. It was during this investigation that G-Dragon came to their attention and was subsequently booked.

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