Jung Joon Young to pay back 300 Million Won + penalty fees

Jung Joon Young is expected to pay hundreds of millions won for exclusive contract deposits and penalty fees.

Jung Joon Young was arrested on charges of Sexual violence crimes, and is likely to return the contract money he received while he was sent to the prosecution and pay for the penalty. Jung Joon-young received 300 million won when he signed a contract with MakeUs Entertainment. However, the contract was terminated a month ago due to a series of cases that broke out in two months. The agency, MakeUs Entertainment agreed to terminate the contract.

Furthermore, Jung Joon Young received 300 million won in deposit because he agreed to make various music-related content with his agency. Dingo Freestyle, under media creative group MakeUs was also planning to produce various content. A project was under way for Jung, but all the plans fell through, causing a social controversy.

Due to Jung’s fault, 300 million won contract money will be returned to the agency. In addition, he needs to pay penalty fees for the damage to the company caused by his controversies.

Meanwhile, while Jung Joon Young and other members of the chat room including Choi Jong-hoon is under investigation for violating the law on the punishment of sexual crimes. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation team has secured photo and audio files and is checking the facts regarding the alleged sexual assault at the chatroom involving Jung Joon Young and others.


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