Kim Jung Hyun, Shin Hye Sun reportedly to star in tvN’s upcoming drama

Actor Kim Jung Hyun and actress Shin Hye Sun were reportedly the leads of tvN’s upcoming drama “Queen Cheorin.”

An official from the drama told Daily Sports that Kim Jung Hyun will play the male lead role in the drama.

Kim Jung Hyun will play Cheoljong of the Joseon Dynasty’s “Jekyll and Hyde.” Although he is a gentle and easy-going scarecrow king who seems to be not being reprimanded by his officials, he is called the “King of Kings” who is psychopath-like. What he fears is that he will become an incompetent king and die without doing anything.

Furthermore, Shin Hye Sun will play Kim So Yong, the Queen with a soul of an middle-aged man. She is a person who always tries her best for her family until one day, her soul does not care about others’ eyes and runs like a wild horse. 

The drama will be produced by PD Yoon Sung Sik, who produced “Hwarang,” “Bridal Mask,” and “The King’s Face”. The script was written by Park Gye Ok, writer of “Doctor Prisoner.”

“Queen Chorin” will air in the second half of 2020.


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