NCT Haechan’s Privacy Violated in Trespassing Incident, SM Entertainment Issues Warning

Respect idol's privacy.

SM Entertainment has issued a stern warning to individuals who encroach upon the privacy of their artists.

SM Entertainment made an announcement on March 6 addressing a recent incident of trespassing into Haechan’s residence, a member of NCT. The statement included a strong message from SM Entertainment, warning against any invasion of their artists’ privacy, and emphasizing their strict zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior, with the intention of taking legal action.

SM Entertainment has reported that a trespassing incident occurred at the residence of NCT member Haechan in November of last year, involving a “sasaeng”. Haechan, who resides with his family, has reportedly suffered considerable psychological damage, as have his family members.

According to SM Entertainment, the “sasaeng” who trespassed on Haechan’s residence has been indicted by the prosecution, but the case was resolved without criminal punishment, as per Haechan’s wishes. Despite this, the incident highlights the gravity of privacy invasion towards artists, prompting SM Entertainment to issue a warning in hopes of preventing similar occurrences from happening in the future.

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