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P-Pop idols show great chemistry during the 2022 PPOPCON press conference

Top and rising P-Pop artists joined together at the press conference on March 30 to give P-Pop fans a treat. SB19, 4th Impact, ALAMAT, Press Hit Play, 1st.One, and VXON are in the venue, while MNL48, BGYO, BINI, KAIA, PPOP Generation, DAYDREAM, R Rules, G22, Calista, and DIONE participating digitally through Zoom.


Asked about how does it feel to have this kind of gathering of P-Pop groups, MNL48 expressed their happiness at the thought of being united with their fellow P-Pop artists and meeting them in person. They’re also delighted that the P-Pop community is growing. Furthermore, Press Hit Play mentioned that they seem to be unable to sleep and are genuinely excited about the event.

Regarding the situation of the artists during the pandemic, 4th Impact then said that livestreams were really a great help and it still give them a platform to perform and they become more connected to their fans worldwide.


In the present, it is evident that the P-Pop industry or community is thriving. Regarding that, DAYDREAM shared that they think there is so much world class talent and it has just yet to be discovered. VXON thanks their seniors for all of their hard work and for introducing P-Pop to the international scene. According to C13, adding a Pinoy touch to pop music adds a unique flavor that helps P-Pop gain global traction.

Being an idol is hard you have to be prepared not just physically but also mentally. KAIA said that they always believe that practice will never betray you. Every day they are practicing their songs and they protect their physical and mental health. Ppop Generation then admitted that they are anxious because they have a lot to prove as a group, which motivates them to be the greatest version of themselves.


Asked about how the fans influence the continuous strengthening of the P-Pop community, BGYO explained that the fanbases make significant contributions because they are the ones who listen to their songs and attend their events. They went on to say that it was thanks to the fans’ efforts that P-Pop became known around the world.


As one of the pioneers of P-pop in the Philippines, SB19 said that they are pleased because there are so many groups now. They also feel that P-Pop will become a globally recognized genre in the future. They also stated that the P-Pop artists are friends that share a common heart.

The press conference came to a close with messages from the group and invitations to the fans. 2022 PPOPCON is happening on April 9 and 10. Tickets are still available!

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