SM announces changes in NCT system

NCT will not be adding more members.

On February 24th, SM Entertainment made a notable announcement through a YouTube video titled ‘The Era of SM 3.0, Fans Ask and SM Answers’. Amongst the key highlights of the announcement was the changes in the NCT system.

When NCT first introduced onto the K-pop scene, it made waves for being a group with no limits. The concept of the group was built around the idea of having an infinite number of members from all around the world, each contributing their own unique talents and cultural backgrounds to the group. This approach allowed for the creation of sub-units within NCT, each with their own distinct sound and style.

According to SM, “With the debut of NCT Tokyo (tentative) in 2023, NCT’s infinite expansion ends. Without the change on member, SM will support the existing members as much as possible so that they can engage in much more diverse activities.”

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