SM slams rumors about EXO’s Suho, takes legal action

SM Entertainment, has come forward to deny recent accusations made against EXO's Suho.

On February 24th, SM Entertainment refuted allegations that EXO’s Suho failed to return 100 million won worth of shoes to a stylist. The company firmly declared the accusation as “false.”

According to the entertainment company, these rumors are baseless and the alleged facts contained in the posts are entirely fabricated. In response, SM Entertainment is taking swift legal action to address what they deem to be a defamatory attack on the reputation of their artist. They warn against the irresponsible dissemination of such unfounded claims and vow to pursue legal action against those who perpetuate them.

In a recent social media post, a stylist vented their frustration over a collection of sneakers that have yet to be returned “Send it without missing anything. sick of it What is the reason for not giving it back. Buy it with your money to wear the shoes. I’ve been organizing this over the few days and you’ve taken a lot. It’s already been 6 months since you said you would give it to me. When will you give it back? I don’t like writing like this on Instagram, so clean this up before I reveal your real name.

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