Treasure, BamBam, and Jackson perform at 2022 K-Pop Masterz in Manila

After two years, PULP Live World kicked off their events for 2022 with Kpop Masterz at the Mall of Asia Arena on July 29. The lineup included 10 members from Treasure, BamBam, and Jackson. This particular event was very refreshing as it’s not just a concert but somehow combination of concert and fan meeting as well.

PULP Live World also had giveaways before the event began. Some lucky fans even received autographed items from Treasure, BamBam, and Jackson. After the giveaway, the lights have been turned off and we gaze out at the breathtaking blue and green ocean.

Let me TREASURE you!

YG Entertainment’s latest group, TREASURE, opened up the concert. Fueled with their strong command and charms, TREASURE performed their latest title track “Jikjin“. It was the perfect song to open the concert as the fans went loud singing along with the group. It was TREASURE’s first schedule in Manila. Since Mashiho and Yedam are currently on hiatus. only Hyun Suk, Ji Hoon, Yoshi, Jun Kyu, Jae Hyuk, Asahi, Do Young, Haruto, Jeong Woo, and Jung Hwan were able to perform. Teumes was shouting Mashiho and Yedam’s names before the event began.

Cementing their stage presence, TREASURE then performed ” I LOVE YOU” from their second single album “The First Step: Chapter 2.” After the group’s performances, the members introduce themselves. The entire arena sang Happy Birthday to Jae Hyuk, who had his birthday on July 23. Jae Hyuk then expressed his thankfulness to Filipino fans. Furthermore, other members of the group expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Filipino fans who have always been there for them. We also appreciate that they tried to learn some Filipino words.

Well, they have more in store for the fans. Going into the night, the group brightens up the arena with “My Treasure,” which is a great mood booster and the group had a lot of fun running around on stage. Fans are also in treat, seeing TREASURE playing games. They were divided into two teams: Team Mahal Kita and Team Gwapo. After the game they had photo time with the fans.

Moving to the end part of their set list, they performed their debut song “Boy.” For their last song the group performed the rock version of their hit song “DARARI.” The whole arena danced with TREASURE from start to finish.


SHOT PUNO! First, I observed that BamBam’s entrance was similar to GOT7’s entrance during the Keep Spinning in Manila Tour in 2019. Glittering as he made his entrance, BamBam performed “Wheels Up.” He showed his distinct style and he owned up the stage. I’ve been looking forward to seeing “Ride or Die” live since BamBam’s vocals, including adlibs, never disappoint. As the main character that he is, BamBam performed “Look So Fine.”

During the interview, BamBam mentioned that he wanted to visit a night market in the Philippines. However, unlike in other countries, night markets in the Philippines weren’t as popular. He then stated that he will create his own night market and call it “BamBam Shot Puno Night Market,” which we would love to visit if it happens.

BamBam then fulfilled his promise to Filipino fans by serenading the crowd with his rendition of Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti.” It was emotional, and we felt every word, and we thank BamBam for performing such a lovely song, especially for Filipino fans. He continued his set with “Who Are You,” and “Pandora.”

Moving on, BamBam invited Sandara Park to the stage. We are all aware that the Philippines will always hold a special place in Dara’s heart. Dara then played “I Don’t Care,” a popular song by 2ne1. Moreover, Dara stayed until the end of BamBam’s set. BamBam concluded his set with his solo debut song “riBBOn.”

Magic Man, Jackson!

Believe in magic! Looking charismatic in his black and red suit, Jackson burned up the stage as he sang “Cruel.” Leaving us speechless, Jackson rocked the whole arena with “Blow,” which was released earlier this year.

Jackson then said that it’s his first time coming in Manila as a solo artist. He shared that he always admire the passion of the Filipino fans and how they mean it. In general, watching K-Pop shows in the Philippines hits different, it’s like a total experience, it’s a culture. Continuing to the brief interview, Jackson remembered his performance at this year’s Coachella, revealing that he forgot to spit the gum since he was nervous at that moment. So he’s literally performing while chewing gum.

Watching Jackson perform, you’ll definitely appreciate his discipline and how he loves to perform. He’s very attentive to details. He then performed “Drive It Like You Stole It” and “Blue” from his upcoming album Magic Man.

Concluding the set, Jackson then took off his suit as he performed “100 Ways.” He thanked the Filipino fans before he left the stage.

This event is historic. Seeing Treasure’s first performance in Manila plus seeing how BamBam and Jackson’s growth as soloists. We surely enjoyed every set and we would love to see them again in Manila. 2022 K-Pop Masterz was presented by PULP Live World.

Special thanks to Treasure, BamBam, Jackson, and of course the fans- Ahgases and Teumes.

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