GOT7’s Youngjae gives PH Ahgases sweet as ‘Sugar’ memories on his Mini Concert and Fansign Event in Manila

GOT7 Member and Solo Artist Choi Youngjae held his first solo event in the Philippines with the back-to-back mini concert and fansign event with his latest album ‘SUGAR.’

Youngjae is the first member of GOT7 to be back in the Philippines after nearly three years meets PH fans (Ahgases) on his “2022 Youngjae Sugar Mini Concert and Fansign in Manila” on July 23 at New Frontier Theater.

This is the first event of Youngjae as a soloist in the country since his solo debut in October 2021.


Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

Youngjae started off his mini concert by performing “Tasty,” a track for his solo debut and first mini album Colors from Ars.

He then graced the stage with his ‘Focus’ performance from his latest album SUGAR, gaining lots of cheers and screams from the excited fans.

“Long time, no see” Youngjae greeted the crowd, as he sat down and talked to everyone inside the venue.

He was so excited to meet the PH Ahgases again and when asked what he’s been doing lately, “I’ve been practicing really hard and looking forward to coming and performing here in Manila,” he shared. 

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

He also shared that he really wanted to communicate in English more with the international fans, so he’s been watching videos on Youtube.

In addition, Youngjae learned Tagalog words such as ‘Gwapo,’ ‘Pangako,’ and ‘Palakpakan.’ (Handsome, Promise, and Applause).

Youngjae also talked about the Filipino food he ate as soon as he arrived in the Philippines after asking for a recommendation from the PH Ahgases on twitter.

“Yesterday, I ate Jollibee. It was so delicious,” he stated, sharing that he ordered chicken, spaghetti, burger steak, and peach mango pie from the iconic food chain in the Philippines. 

In the event’s first game segment, Youngjae played the ‘Guess the Song’ game where he showed his amazing vocals and dancing skills.

One lucky ahgase also got a chance to take home a signed poster from Youngjae himself after guessing his song correctly.

The next game is the ‘Yes or No Quiz’ wherein all ahgases on the ground floor were able to join and play. They proved how well they know Youngjae by the given statements.

Youngjae was so surprised by how the PH Ahgases knew him so well. He told everyone that he had been really anticipating his return in Manila because of how loud and cheerful the screams of PH Ahgases that he could not forget about it. He was so grateful to be back and to perform in front of them again.

As a continuation, Youngjae got back on stage to perform more of his tracks, including the two title tracks from his solo albums, “Vibin” and “Sugar.”

PH Ahgases also prepared a sweet video presentation and banner project for Youngjae.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

“Hi, Sunshine. How are you? We hope you are feeling well. First of all, thank you for coming back here, we missed you a lot!” the message read as the video started.

“You guys promised that you won’t make us wait another 3 years just to see you guys again, and here you are, the first one to come back,” pertaining to the promise that the GOT7 members made during the Keep Spinning in Manila Concert Tour.

“Despite the distance, you are the person who gives us strength everyday. For working hard and sharing your music, we are sincerely grateful. You never fail to make us feel loved no matter what, and we hope you feel our love back 333 times more. We will love you, and we will walk with you for a lifetime. ” they added.

As the video ends, Ahgases wrote “Congratulations on Sugar! Congratulations on your Mini Concert Tour! Congratulations Choi Youngjae! You’ve worked hard! We are proud of you and we will always be WITH YOU.”

Youngjae was really touched by the video message that contains the love, support, and sincerity of PH Ahgases and said that if only he knew it would be this sweet, he should have come earlier.

He also said that since there have been restrictions due to coronavirus, it has become so hard to meet Ahgases all over the world. So now that it is slowly going back to normal, he promised to visit as often as he could.

For the encore songs, Youngjae gave his best in performing a track from his Sugar Album, “Crema.” He then asked the fans what GOT7 song they wanted him to perform and the crowd shouted “NANANA” in unison, so he gave them an exciting stage as fans sang and danced together.

He also surprised everyone with the performance of GOT7’s debut song “Girls Girls Girls” as he went down the stage to walk around the ground floor. 

As Youngjae ended his first mini concert, PH Ahgases were able to wave goodbye to Youngjae up close before exiting the venue. 

But this is not the end yet!


Youngjae also meets PH Ahgases for his first fansign-only event in the country.

Fans who joined the fansign event entered the venue playing both GOT7 and Youngjae solo tracks.

To be able to enter the event, fans bought a set of SUGAR albums. Aside from the albums, it also includes a cute eco bag with the event name printed on it, unreleased and exclusive POB photocards, and the raffled perks.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

The 12 top spenders were able to automatically join the fansigning event, along with the other 38 lucky fans who won the raffled fansign perk. These fans were able to have one of their albums signed by Youngjae while personally interacting with him on-stage. They were given the chance to chat with him for a minute. In addition, they can also give her gifts, ask questions, or make special requests such as cute gestures or aegyo.

Youngjae received snacks and drinks, bracelets, hats, shirts, and of course, compiled letters from PH Ahgases.

After the signing event, the top 1-6 spenders got to take a selfie each with Youngjae. While, the top 7-12 spenders also got to take a 1:1 photo opportunity with Youngjae, taken by the event’s official photographer.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

Youngjae showed different cute poses as he took a photo with the lucky fans who won the raffled group photo perk.

at the help desk prior or after the event.

Furthermore, all attendees get to join the goodbye session with Youngjae before leaving the venue. 

July 23 is indeed Youngjae’s day for PH Ahgases. We hope to see Youngjae back in the Philippines again soon!

Youngjae’s “Sugar” Mini Concert and Fansign in Manila is presented by Y Global Music in partnership with CDM Entertainment. 

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