Vata of We Dem Boyz denies allegations of plagiarizing ATEEZ’s choreography

“Street Man Fighter” and We Dem Boyz leader Vata denied the allegations that he plagiarized ATEEZ’s Choreography.

Recently, Vata was involve in a plagiarism controversy over the choreography of Zico’s song ‘New Thing’, which he created in the Mnet show ‘Street Man Fighter’ class mission. The choreogrpahy even went viral on social media applications especially on TikTok.

Moreover, it was pointed out that the movement of dragging one’s feet as if riding a motorcycle during the choreography’s introduction is similar to that of ATEEZ’s ‘Say My Name.’

In addition, dancer Anze Skrube, who made the choreography for ‘Say My Name’, posted the choreography video that was released in January 2019 on his Instagram story on the 10th and said, “Vata, I thought you are a friend of San. But friend shouldn’t did this. I hope that you apologize to original chroreographer for claiming the move as yours.”

Screenshot via @allabout_atz | Twitter

Earlier, Vata posted his official statement on his Instagram account:

It’s Vata.
I thought it was just a passing cold wind I’m posting this to avoid further misunderstanding.

First of all, about this controversy, When I first heard the music, the wilderness came to mind, and I created an intro choreography by intuitively describing the appearance of riding a motorcycle or a horse. So there is a whole story, from the start to the start, to the big kick of the lower body, to getting off after driving. I think the connectivity and intentions of the choreography and movements that are currently compared are completely different.

As a person who loves the culture of dance, I think it is cool that the artist and choreographer respect each other. But I’m very sorry that it doesn’t seem like it.

Regardless of the reason, I apologize to the “Street Man Fighter” viewers and everyone who supports us, regarding the controversy itself caused by me. I’ll repay you with a better performance. Thank you.


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