Yerin meets Filipino fans with ‘Aria’ Album Fansign Event

South Korean Artist Jung Yerin held the first ever K-pop fansign-only event in the Philippines with her solo album ‘ARIA.’

The former GFRIEND member meets PH fans (Buddies) again as the solo artist Yerin at “Yerin ‘Aria’ Fansign in Manila” on July 22 at Gateway Mall’s Cineplex 5.

Yerin made her debut in 2015 with GFRIEND, however all the members of the girl group parted ways with their management company, Source Music, in May 2021. She then signed a contract with Sublime Artist Agency in June of the same year.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

The release of the ARIA album marked Yerin’s solo artist debut a year after, in May 2022. 

Aside from the event being the first ever fansign-only event in the Philippines, it was also Yerin’s first fansign event as a solo artist.

Before and during the fansign event, the venue played all her songs from the ARIA album, including some songs she was featured in.

To be able to enter the event, fans bought a set of ARIA albums. Aside from the albums, it also includes a cute eco bag with the event name printed on it, unreleased and exclusive POB photocards, and the raffled perks.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

“Have you been well? I really missed you so much,” Yerin greeted the fans.

The 12 top spenders were able to automatically join the fansigning event, along with the other 38 lucky fans who won the raffled fansign perk. These fans were able to have one of their albums signed by Yerin while personally interacting with her on-stage. They were given the chance to chat with her for a minute. In addition, they can also give her gifts, ask questions, or make special requests such as cute gestures or aegyo.

Some of the gifts she received from the fans are hats, bracelets, compiled letters, and beers.

PH Buddies who are watching the fansign also cheered actively, not only for Yerin, but also for their co-Buddies who are part of the signing event.

When given the chance to talk about what she felt after the signing event, Yerin said, “I drank some beer during Vlive last time, so I received a lot of beers today as gifts.”

“It’s nice to see that beer can after a long time,” she added, drawing laughter from the crowd.=

It has been almost three years since she visited the Philippines during GFRIEND’s Concert tour in Manila last August 2019. 

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

“It’s very nice to see you. I miss you a lot,” Yerin said after the fansigning event. “I want to talk to you more,” she added.

“There are so many things to be said but just meeting you all like this. It’s very nice to see you guys and be able to talk to you. See you again,” she also stated.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

After the signing event, the top 1-6 spenders got to take a selfie each with Yerin. The top 7-12 spenders also got to take a 1:1 photo opportunity with Yerin, taken by the event’s official photographer.

Yerin showed different cute poses as she took a photo with the lucky fans who won the raffled group photo perk.

Aside from these perks, some fans also won raffled signed albums and signed polaroids that they claimed at the help desk prior or after the event.

Photo courtesy of CDM Entertainment

As soon as all the perks ended, Yerin was given a seat and the video prepared by PH Buddies was played, showing a compilation of videos of her career as a member of GFRIEND and as a solo artist.

“Welcome, we are happy to see you again,” a message showed when it started playing.

“You bravely continue your journey as a singer and share more side of you. You are proud to show us how confident you are,” the message continued.

“It’s been a long time and as of today, our heart still flutters when you say our name ‘Buddy’ with your exciting voice. Likewise, in this precious moment, finally you’re here hearing our voice cheering your name,” the fans’ message continued.

“For the 7 years of love, hardwork and friendship, thank you for giving us hope. Thank you for bringing us the happiness. Thank you for keeping our promise to meet again. We, Philippine buddy will continuously reciprocate boundless of unconditional love to you. Our friendship that grew together and became more bigger,” they added.

“As this event comes to an end, Philippine buddies will patiently wait for you until we say hello again. 버디는 여자친구 사랑해 Love u always 🤍💙💜 (Buddy loves GFRIEND),” the last message read as the video ended.

As part of the fanclub support prepared by PH Buddies, they flew yellow paper planes containing their messages for Yerin and they held the banner up with a message that said, ‘Let’s keep meeting each other happily, Yerin.’

“I’m very touched by your surprise. I can’t help but tear up. It’s been a while so it’s really nice to see you all again. Thank you very much for your warmth,” Yerin said.

“Thank you everyone, we will meet again soon, right?” she asked the fans, to which they replied with a loud “Yes.”

Before exiting the venue, all attendees also had a chance to wave goodbye at Yerin on-stage. Phones were not allowed prior to the event; but as a surprise for everyone, the management allowed them to use their phones and took video or photos of Yerin as the goodbye session started.

Yerin once again expressed her gratitude to PH Buddies by posting photos of her with the Cake prepared by the fanclub and the yellow planes they collected from the event.

Yerin’s Universe private messages as translated:

“Buddy in Philippines did a good job~”
“It was so~~ good 🥰”
“There’s a cake”
“Everything was so touching ㅠㅠ”
“I got a beer gift”
“The Yerin team (including Yerin) ate it all”
“I’m full”

Yerin indeed enjoyed her fansign event and stay in the Philippines. All thanks to the PH Buddies and to everyone who made the event possible.

Yerin “Aria” Fansign in Manila is presented by Y Global Music in partnership with CDM Entertainment. 

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