SS9 ‘fanmeet’: Super Junior, and ELFs as the real definition of ‘Everlasting’

Super Junior members Shindong, Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Leeteuk greeted the E.L.F.s (fandom name) at MOA Arena, August 6.

Afternoon of August 5, we’re looking forward to seeing photos of Super Junior’s departure from Incheon airport. We have no idea what’s going on at the airport at first. We noticed Leeteuk was checking the car of each members. Some fans have already expressed concern that something might be wrong. We haven’t seen any Eunhyuk previews. Some speculated that he may have left his passport and would need to return. Following that, the members arrived in Manila, unfortunately without Eunhyuk.

At 2:06AM of August 6, Label SJ informed the fans that Eunhyuk’s father passed away and he was unable to depart for Manila. At 12:35PM, Label SJ announced that Super Show 9: Road in Manila has been postponed. Moreover, Super Junior wanted to meet and greet their dearest E.L.F.s who came to Manila to attend the concert.

Meet and Greet

It’s raining outside, and fans are queuing to get into the venue. You will notice a distinct feeling upon entering the venue. E.L.Fs can be seen wearing black ribbons around their wrists or on their lightsticks. It’s much quieter inside the venue than usual. The lights were dimmed, and sapphire blue lights filled the venue while they are playing ballad songs of Super Junior.

E.L.F.s inside the venue were chanting “gwaenchana” (It’s Okay). Seeing Shindong, Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Leeteuk appeared on stage and knowing what they are feeling at that moment, it’s definitely heartbreaking. They were not required to do so, but they still came to greet and express gratitude to their E.L.F.s for their support.

Ryeowook through the translator said, “A lot of you have come today from afar but I’m really sorry that we can’t proceed with the concert today. Please stay safe and we will meet a lot in the future. We will make sure to comeback here with Siwon and Eunhyuk next time.

Donghae through the translator shared, “I’m really speechless and I really can’t think of what to say to all of you. I’ve had numerous performances in front of you but this really is my first time to have this opening ment.

Moreover, Yesung said that he missed PH E.L.F.s but he wanted to gave his sincerest apologies to the fans.

Leetuek on his ment revealed that they went through a lot of discussion on whether they will come to Manila or not. However, since they thought that E.L.F.s are waiting in Manila they have decided to go. At the airport, he also greeted the fans waiting for them. After arriving in Manila, the group had a discussion until 4am in the morning.

This concert is not cancelled, but rather postponed.

The meet and greet did not end there. Super Junior prepared three songs from the setlist “My Wish,” “Callin‘,” and “More Days with You.” We only had one wish that night, and that was for Super Junior and ELF’s friendship to last forever.

“Ever Lasting Friends.” On August 6, we witnessed and felt the true meaning of the fandom “everlasting friends.” Friends help and console one another. Friends will keep walking and going on that road together. There will be obstacles, but they will be able to overcome them as a family.

There’s no “secret” to why Super Junior is one of the industry’s longest-running groups. It’s not a secret since it’s always there and we witnessed it. Furthermore, E.L.F.s is one of the strongest fandom we know, 17 years. Huge respect to Super Junior and their E.L.F.s.

The members of the group hold hands and bow before they leave the stage. Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior, bows in the left, right, and center areas.

According to the announcement, Super Show 9 in Manila will happen this year and the tickets will still be honored.

Ms. Happee Sy-Go of PULP Live World tweeted, “To my dearest ELFs, thank you for your trust. No loss can compensate for a bleeding sapphire blue heart. I’m grateful that ours still beats to the same drum since SS2. You are all so special! May you all stay healthy as I find us all another date to be together.

As the fanproject banner says “Let’s keep walkin’ on this flower road together.” Someday, we will meet again Super Junior! urineun elpeu eyo~

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