3 Taecyeon dramas that you should watch

Ok Taecyeon transcends his identity as a K-Pop idol, showcasing his remarkable talent as an accomplished actor through his extensive portfolio of captivating roles in numerous Korean dramas.

Recently, he took on a role in “Heartbeat,” a romantic drama that revolves around Seon Woo-hyeol, a semi-human vampire who missed his chance to become fully human once in 100 years. He finds himself living with Joo In-hae, a woman who appears to lack any human decency, and together, they embark on a journey to discover genuine warmth and connection.

So if you want to watch more dramas of Taecyeon here are some of our suggestions:

1 Dream High

This is a story about young people trying to become global stars in the near future. Even if you’re good-looking, talented, and have a great personality, becoming a successful star is still tough. In this story, a group of young people is up for the challenge, but each of them has a weakness that holds them back from becoming top pop stars.

2 Bring It On, Ghost

Hyun Ji, a 19-year-old wandering spirit, crosses paths with Bong Pal, an exorcist. Together, they form a partnership dedicated to understanding and resolving the issues of different ghosts, helping them find peace.

3 Vincenzo

“Vincenzo” follows the story of a mafia consigliere who arrives in Korea from Italy because of conflicts within his organization. He becomes connected with a seasoned, morally questionable lawyer and, in an unconventional twist, champions justice through a villainous approach, blending elements of social comedy.

What’s your favorite drama of Taecyeon?

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