4 Daebak! Must Watch Dramas of Seo Kang Jun


Seo Kang Jun is a popular South-Korean Actor. He stars in a lot of hit Korean Dramas that love by so many people. He captured his fans heart by his undeniably charm and talent in acting.

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Seo Kang Jun is a member of 5urprise, which is a five member group of South-Korean actors formed by Fantagio.

Here are the four must watch dramas of Seo Kang Jun:

1. Cunning Single Lady – The story revolve at a divorced woman who is trying to seduce her husband to marry her again.

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Seo Kang Jun portray the role of Yeo-jin’s younger brother, who was once tutored by Jung-woo when he was in high school. Good-looking, rich, and caring, Seung-hyun is seemingly a perfect guy. Upon his return to Korea from overseas, he gets hired at DonTalk despite his resistance to working a desk job at his father’s company; but to avoid preferential treatment, he hides his real identity. Among his fellow interns is Ae-ra, and he becomes attracted to her, notwithstanding their eight-year age difference .

2. Cheese in the Trap – Drama depicts the delicate relationship between female university student and her senior. 

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Seo Kang Jun played the role of a handsome and talented pianist who is adopted into Jung’s wealthy family by his father. He and his sister came from a difficult background, but he is good-natured and finds it easy to get along with Seol, later developing feelings for her. He and Jung were friends as children, although they later develop a bitter rivalry as he believes that Jung was responsible for instigating a fight that damaged his hand, ending his dreams of becoming a concert pianist.

3. Are You Human? – It was about an Android who pretends to be a real human as the real person suffered into a coma due to unexpected accident.

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Seo Kang Jun played the role of a third generation heir who falls into coma after an unexpected accident. His mother Oh Laura, an authority on brain science and artificial intelligence leads the creation of an android, Nam Shin III, in a bid to maintain his position as heir.

4. The Third Charm – A 12-year-old love story between a couple with opposing personalities who met by chance on a group blind date in their 20s.

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Seo Kang Jun played the role of a meticulous and principled university student who never deviates from his perfectly scheduled routines.

These are just some of his dramas you must watch while waiting for his fanmeeting ‘The Last Charm‘ in Manila at The New Frontier Theater on May 25.

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