Be You 2: Night of Legends

BoA, TVXQ!, Xiumin, and Chen performed in a two-day show “Be You 2” in the Philippines, Cebu and Manila on December 8 and 9.

Be You 2 in Manila is a dream come true for SM artists stans. Honestly, we didn’t expect that BoA, TVXQ!, Xiumin, and Chen will rock the Philippine concert stage this year (It’s not that we don’t want it; it’s just that we didn’t expect it to happen this year). The lineup already seemed to be a mini-SMTOWN concert, with fans empowering one another. You can *see* the pink blood running.

As every concert in the Philippines, Jumping BoAs, Cassiopeias, and EXO-Ls flood the Araneta Center early on that day as people enjoy collecting and giving cute freebies like banners, albums, and photocards. There were also fan projects such as lamp posts which then decorated the outside of the venue.

Opening performances

Since Be You 2 is themed after the elderly, they pay homage to Philippines very own Ms Pilita Corrales. Dubbed as “Asia’s Queen of Songs”, she performed some of her hit songs. The crowd showed support to the 85-year-old singer by raising their lightsticks.

Ian Veneracion, a Filipino actor, took the stage next. Because of the actor’s timeless visual and fanservice, the audience felt kilig. He performed a song titled “Handog” together with the lolos and lolas.

Female alphas of P-Pop G22 took over the stage, with AJ, Alfea, Bianca, and Jaz positioned at each corner. The girls, all dressed in pink, showed off their powerful moves with their song “Takin Over,” and ended their set with a whoop with their debut song “BANG.” From being the opening act, we do hope that they will have their own concert in the future.

Lady Pipay impressed the audience with her remarkable singing and dancing performance. She was able to showcase her talent while also capturing the hearts of the audience. Fans got hyped up when she performed “Let’s Get Loud.”

K-Pop acts

The headliners take their places on stage one by one. Xiumin was the first to take the spotlight. Even in the dark, fans could tell that Xiumin was going to perform next. Despite wearing all black, Xiumin manages to exude fresh and colourful vibes while performing his song “Brand New.”

Also from Xiumin’s solo debut album, he performed “Serenity.” It was an emotional song, but it reminded us that Xiumin of EXO had returned to the Philippines, and we love seeing how much he has grown as an artist. The song felt warm and comforting, as if you wanted to hug or be hugged by someone that you love.

Following that, Xiumin then presented his heartfelt “Love Letter”. EXO-Ls waved their lightsticks in front of Xiumin as a “Love Letter” to make him feel the love of Filipino fans. He ended his set with “Feedback’. And yes, he almost performed all songs from his 1st mini-album – Brand New.

Chen, also from EXO, took the stage with his powerful vocals, showcasing his ability as one of the industry’s most talented vocalists. He opened his set with “Last Scene” from his latest album, and the audience was immediately captivated by his voice. He then performed “I Don’t Even Mind” from his second mini album, which was accompanied by a guitar track. The song gave a nostalgic feel, and it was mesmerizing to hear Chen’s voice live.

Accompanied by a guitar track, Chen sang “I Don’t Even Mind.” From his second mini album, Chen performed “Shall We” his crystalline voice gave a nostalgic feel. It’s mesmerizing hearing this song live with EXO lightsticks as the background from our view. Finally, Chen sang his famous soundtrack “Everytime” from the drama “Descendants of the Sun,” and fans sang along with him, creating a truly unforgettable moment.

Moreover, Chen also expressed his appreciation to fans from both Manila and Cebu for wearing purple colored outfits to support him. Overall, it was a mesmerizing performance from Chen and a great experience for fans.

Wearing a striking red and black colored ensemble, TVXQ! Rise up and took over the stage with their majestic setlist. Yunho and Changmin kicked off their set with the electrifying “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”. Even though they only have two members, TVXQ has really mastered conquering the stage. The duo then performed “Maximum.” In between their setlist, Yunho shared how much he’s honoured to perform with their junior and senior artist at the same time with Filipino fans. 

One of our favourite parts of the concert was TVXQ performing “Dream,” in which Yunho and Changmin interacted with the audience. Importantly, their set would be incomplete without “Mirotic,” which I’m sure everyone has heard even if they aren’t a fan of TVXQ. Finally, we heard and saw TVXQ perform this iconic song. They consistently deliver flawless, pitch-perfect, and powerful performances.

And, yes, after seeing how spectacular their performance can be, we are looking forward to TVXQ’s solo concert in Manila! (manifesting…) 

If you stan SM groups, we just know that you know and respect BoA. She has contributed significantly to the international success of K-Pop. From her 10th album, BoA graced the stage with “Better.” BoA, who has been active for over two decades, never loses her charm. She just gets better every time she makes a comeback. Moving to her next song, BoA performed the iconic “Only One.” The whole Araneta sang along with her during the chorus part. Be You 2 was BoA’s first ever event in the Philippines. 

That night, she’s definitely the brightest star as she performed “Starry Night.” It felt like a dream seeing her in Manila, smiling and waving to her fans. On her last song, fresh from her third mini album, Filipino fans were lucky to hear “Forgive Me.” The dance choreography was stunning and her vocals never disappoint. 

During the ending stage, EXO members Xiumin, Chen, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin, and BoA held hands and bowed in front of the crowd. They expressed how thankful they are to Filipino fans and they promise to comeback. Before they finally left the stage, Xiumin and Chen ran towards the crowd for the last time. Interestingly, they used the instrumental version of Girls’ Generation’s “Forever 1” as the ending song. Since fans are*Pink Bloods* they also sang the song as they left the venue. 

Truly a night of legends. The lineup was surreal and as every SM stan dream, we definitely *Hope* to witness the SMTOWN concert in Manila. 

The two-day event in Cebu and Manila was presented by Neuwave Events and Productions.  

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