WOODZ and the Drowning Memories of his 2023 World Tour ‘OO-LI’ in Manila

The South Korean singer-songwriter, performer, and record producer WOODZ proves he is more than capable of lighting up a stage on his own.

WOODZ, also known by his birth name Cho Seungyoun and a member of K-pop Groups UNIQ and X1, successfully held his first solo concert in Manila on June 17, 2023, at the New Frontier Theatre.

Prelude to Concert

Early in the morning, the venue was already filled with PH MOODZ wearing their beautiful orange outfits which is one of the official fandom colors.

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

There is also an assigned area at the venue called the “MOODZ Fanzone” where fans can enjoy the free food and drinks, photo booth area, and freebies stations made possible by the local fanbase, sponsors, and donors. Banners and blue handkerchiefs for the fan project were also distributed to every ticket holder.

Ticket holders also got to enjoy the show’s perks. Royalty ticket holders had the chance to watch WOODZ on his soundcheck before the concert. Lucky winners of the raffle were able to claim the merchandise they won and the goodbye session straps on the Pulp booth.

As soon as the gates opened, PH MOODZ filled the concert hall. They brought with them the fandom lightstick and the banners distributed outside. While waiting for the concert to start, PH MOODZ were singing along to every song played inside, including ‘Pool.’

Concert Highlights

WOODZ opened his set with ‘Busted,’a track from his latest album “OO-LI” drawing cheers and screams from the crowd. Amid thunderous chants and screams echoing the hall, he continued with other upbeat tracks such as ‘Hijack‘and ‘Love Me Harder‘ which is the title track of his mini album “EQUAL.”

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

WOODZ also took a brief moment to greet all the MOODZ at the venue. He expressed to everyone how shocked and amazed he is by the support and energy the crowd has shown him since the soundcheck before the concert

He also gave the crowd astounding performances of ‘Waiting,’ and ‘Chaser.’ He was visibly excited and in awe as the crowd sang along to every lyric of the songs.

Continuing, WOODZ got everyone on rock and roll as he performed few of his rock songs such as ‘Who Knows‘ and ‘Dirt On My Leather.’ His live band in the background totally leveled up his performance. And together with his backup dancers, he also got the crowd jumping in his ‘Trigger‘ performance.

During his talk segment, WOODZ took his time to introduce the live band team, with each member receiving enthusiastic applause as they gave a brief performance on their respective instruments.

With the request of the fans, WOODZ also played the intro of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud‘ using the guitar and sang the first line of the song.

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

He also wowed the crowd with his own cover of NewJeans’ famous song, ‘Hype Boy.’ PH MOODZ did not expect him to sing ‘Your Song‘ either, which is a local song by the band Parokya ni Edgar. He even requested to sing the song again together with the crowd.

He also granted the crowd’s request, so he performed ‘Pool‘ and ‘Accident.’

The crowd sang along to ‘Multiply‘ with WOODZ even asking the 1st and 2nd-floor MOODZ to sing separately just so he can hear them perfectly. He also held his audience captive with an incredibly mesmerizing performance of ‘Abyss.’

WOODZ gave a powerful stage of ‘Kiss of Fire‘ and ‘Feel Like.’ He also commanded the stage with upbeat and uplifting tracks such as ‘On My Own,’ and ‘Sour Candy‘ which came together with bubbly dance moves.

He returned to the stage shortly after the VCR. He was really surprised as he did not expect the crowd to sing ‘Deep Deep Sleep.’ He was so happy that he sang the chorus of the song, too.

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

As the show ends, WOODZ continued to burn the stage with his performance of ‘Bump Bump‘ which had everyone jumping and singing along. He was so impressed with the crowd that he asked everyone to sing it again together.

Not only did he perform songs from his latest and old releases, but also some fan favorites and emotional songs like ‘Drowning‘ and ‘Journey.’

PH MOODZ also prepared a fan project video for him. He was moved as he showed his gratitude to MOODZ who attended the show. He thanked everyone involved in making the show possible. He also promised to be back in Manila for another show next time.

Returning to the stage for his encore, he performed ‘I hate you.’ He also made a promise to PH MOODZ. “Thank you, guys. I will come back. I promise you. Until I comeback, always be healthy, happy, and love yourself,” he stated. He even had everyone chant “Kalusugan, Kasiyahan, Mahalin mo ang sarili mo” (Health, Happiness, Love Yourself).

WOODZ wrapped up the show with performances of ‘Hope To Be Like You‘ and ‘Ready To Fight.’ He consistently delivers impressive vocals, flawless choreography, and sheer professionalism throughout the show.


Over the duration of the two-hour event, WOODZ performed a total of 26 songs, including the requests from the fans, showcasing both his live singing power and his energizing dancing abilities. He is all smiley while performing and it radiates good vibes to everyone inside the hall.

Aside from his vocal and dancing prowess, his powerful stage presence, and the synergy and synchronicity with his backup dancers, WOODZ takes us on a tour of all of his creative and personal facets.

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

His goofy personality is one thing that MOODZ loves about him. When they were chanting “Walang Uuwi” (No one will go home), he even joked that he will think about it.

The fans also teased him saying “Iiyak na yan” (He will cry), and WOODZ acted as if he was really crying. However, he said that he could not cry because he is just too happy, and if he does it will probably be his tears of joy.

In addition to this, his fanservice is also on another level. He listened so well to every request from his fans, and he even snapped a selfie with a lucky fan’s phone. Some of the talk segments were also him interacting with MOODZ and just him being mesmerized by the crowd. And we know how it feels.

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

With their high-pitched screams at various frequencies, MOODZ can attest to the loudness and energy of the Filipino supporters. All of us shared WOODZ’s feelings that night. The audience was absolutely insane, dancing about and singing along to the songs with WOODZ.

Undoubtedly, WOODZ and MOODZ had so much fun together. He was beaming from ear to ear the entire time, which demonstrated the tremendous level of energy and genuine enjoyment he has for what he does.

His passion for music is evident, as is his desire to perform for his fans who have waited years to see him live. It was really great to witness how eagerly the fans and the artist were looking forward to actually meeting in person. The fans and the artist are equally impressed with one another.

That night left a lasting impression to everyone. WOODZ gifted his fans something truly special ㅡ a whole new experience and fond memories of the show.

WOODZ 2023 World Tour [OO-LI] in Manila was presented by PULP Live World.

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