Manila crowns IVE as ‘The Prom Queens

IVE, composed of An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo, captured the hearts of Manila during their unforgettable ‘The Prom Queens’ fan concert at Araneta Coliseum on June 17.

Before the enchanting prom night began, Filipino DIVEs gathered at the fanhub located at Quantum Skyview, reminiscent of the bustling excitement that fills the air when preparing for a prom. Just like classmates exchanging things, these dedicated fans exchanged hand banners, precious photocards, and other merchandise while listening to songs by IVE.

IVE Fanconcert

Just like the stars of a prom, ‘The Prom Queens’ made a grand entrance on the big big stage, captivating the audience with their chart-topping hit “After LIKE.” This song quickly gained popularity worldwide, including in the Philippines. As the melodies filled the air, passionate DIVEs couldn’t contain their excitement, unleashing joyous screams and singing along harmoniously with the talented members.

The girls then performed “Take It” from their debut album “ELEVEN,” showcasing their impressive dance moves.

After the grand opening, the girls gracefully introduced themselves, enchanting the PH DIVEs as they showed off their Filipino language skills. The light shines through as the girls performed “My Satisfaction” showing a different side of themselves. Then, they got closer to fans as they performed “Royals.”

During the first segment, IVE will participate in a game called ‘I-Ting Golden Bell,’ which involves answering a set of questions to earn points. The girls were paired up as follows: Yujin and Gaeul formed Team Manila, Rei and Liz formed Team Couple, and Wonyoung and Leeseo formed Team Halo-Halo. At the end of the segment, Wonyoung and Leeseo gathered the most points.

Before proceeding to the next game, the girls treated the audience to a captivating performance of “Kitsch” from their latest album, I’ve IVE. This was followed by a series of impressive unit performances. Wonyoung and Rei kicked things off with their energetic cover of Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too.” Liz and Yujin showcased their vocal prowess with a soulful rendition of Jessie J’s “Flashlight.” Gaeul and Leeseo concluded the unit performance strong, delivering a powerful dance performance to BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love.”

Continuing to the next game, called “Silhouette Dance,” IVE had to identify songs based on dance silhouettes and perform the chorus. The game featured a variety of songs, including Girls’ Generation’s iconic debut track, “Into the New World,” aespa’s energetic hit, “Spicy,” Jisoo’s solo debut song, “Flower,” and Kai’s trending song, “Rover.”

After the two games, Team Halo-halo composed of Wonyoung and Leeseo had achieved the highest score, earning them the well-deserved title of ‘The Prom Queens.’

IVE took the stage once again to carry on with the concert segment, delivering a magical performance of consecutive hits from their latest album, I’ve IVE, including crowd favorites such as “Blue Blood” and “I AM.” The setlist wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of their chart-topping tracks, “Love Dive,” and their debut song, “ELEVEN.”

For the encore segment, the girls took their songs to the next level by performing them in a captivating band version. The energy surged, and the fans couldn’t help but adore the lively atmosphere. The crowd was treated to unforgettable renditions of “After LIKE” and “Love Dive.”

One of the most touching moments was the fan project video, which left the girls teary-eyed. It marked their first performance in the Philippines as IVE, and they expressed deep gratitude to the Filipino DIVEs who have been unwavering in their support, accompanying them on this remarkable journey. The fans prepared hand banners with the heartfelt message, “IVE is our dreams come true.”

As the prom night neared the end, IVE performed the upbeat track “Not Your Girl.”

Similar to the nature of a prom night in our high school lives, our time with IVE feels equally precious. Every moment spent with them is cherished. Just as we eagerly anticipate the future and what IVE will bring to the world, we also hold onto the hope of their return to the Philippines. Just like the anticipation and nostalgia of a prom night, our bond with IVE leaves us longing for more memorable experiences together.

IVE “The Prom Queens” in Manila was presented by DNM Entertainment.

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