Overpass 2023 takes center stage with B.I, Somi, Baekhyun’s powerful solo performances

Overpass 2023 experience left us astounded by the remarkable unity displayed by the crowd in supporting each artist. The resounding cheers, which began even before the concert commenced, continued to reverberate long after Baekhyun exited the stage.

B.I, Somi. and EXO’s Baekhyun dominate the Araneta Coliseum stage as they performed at the Overpass 2023 last June 11. 

Before the concert kicked off, the P-Pop groups G22 and VXON by Cornerstone, graced the stage with captivating performances that electrified the crowd. Showcasing their immense talent and undeniable stage presence, they left an indelible impression on the audience. 


Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

Elevating the concert experience to extraordinary heights, B.I, also known by his real name Kim Hanbin, ignited the stage with a fiery performance. The sheer magnitude of his setlist, comprising a staggering 18 songs, mirrored that of an entire concert. Unwavering in his energy, B.I mesmerized the crowd with his performance of hits such as “BTBT,” “One and Only,” “Waterfall,” “TTM,” “MICHAELANGELO,” “Flame,” “Illusion,” “Lover,” “Got It Like That,” “Illa Illa,” “Endless Summer,” “Middle With You,” “Keep Me Up,” “Die for Love,” “Dare to Love,” “Wave,” “Beautiful Life,” and “Cosmos.”

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

Throughout his performance, the atmosphere was electrifying, with fans reveling in the music, fully immersed in the moment, and joyfully celebrating. B.I’s magnetic stage presence compelled him to venture into the crowd.  Special mention, Philippine fans made it to B.I’s TikTok challenge as he filmed a dance on stage for “Dare to Love” dance challenge. 


Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

Introducing the highly anticipated debut of the sensational Jeon Somi on the Philippine concert stage, the crowd erupted with excitement. Clad in a charming pink top and sporting playful pigtail hairstyles, Somi graced the audience with her radiant presence. With an enchanting aura, she started her performance by captivating everyone’s attention with the opening number, “XOXO,” which was swiftly followed by the exhilarating hit, “What You Waiting For.”

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

Somi also showed off her Filipino language skills with some phrases like “Hay naku!” and “Salamat po.” She also shared that she loves the Mangos in the Philippines. She then performed a new version of “Anymore” which we love. Somi then proceeded to end her set with “Birthday.’ and “Dumb Dumb.”


EXO member Baekhyun is the last artist to perform, as fans waited for him super loud cheers and screams could be heard inside the coliseum. It’s been a while since Filipino EXO-Ls saw him in Manila so they made sure Baekhyun know how much they missed him.

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

Launching his set with a mesmerizing performance of “UN Village,” an alluring track from his first mini album, City Lights, Baekhyun’s voice resonated through the air, instantly igniting a frenzy of excitement among the crowd. This was followed by the spellbinding rhythm of “Betcha,” another crowd-favorite from the same album

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

Baekhyun expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated EXO-Ls, assuring them that he would return to Manila, promising a future event.

Photo courtesy of Cornerstone Concerts

The performance continued to unfold, and Baekhyun treated the audience to a mesmerizing showcase of his versatility, delving into his repertoire of hits. “Candy,” “Love Again,” and, naturally, the enchanting title track “Bambi” from his third mini album released in 2021. 

As the echoes of Baekhyun’s voice gradually faded into the air, leaving an indelible imprint on the heart, the Overpass 2023 concert literally concluded on an unforgettable high note.

Overpass 2023 was presented by Cornerstone Entertainment and OctoArts Entertainment.

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