Memorable Fanmeeting with the talented Park Eun Bin

Filo-Bingos were in for a treat as they gathered to attend Park Eun Bin’s recent fan meeting, which was filled with exciting moments, heartfelt interactions, and memorable performances. The event, held at a packed venue, showcased the actress‘s diverse talents and allowed fans to get a closer look into her life and aspirations.

Special Performance and mini-Q&A

The fan meeting kicked off with an enchanting rendition of “Cupid” by Fifty Fifty, leaving the audience captivated by Eun Bin’s melodious voice. Following the performance, a Q&A session took place, providing fans with an opportunity to ask the actress a range of interesting questions.

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When asked about her first impression of Filipino fans, Eun Bin expressed her admiration for the warm and passionate cheers of everyone. She also shared that one of the best parts of being an actress is the love and support she receives from international fans, which she cherishes deeply.

Eun Bin discussed the challenges she has faced in her career and how she overcame them. She emphasized how she digested the love and support she received from fans, which helped her navigate through difficult times. To relax and find solace, she shared her love for Aromagicare, a brand that brings her comfort and relaxation.

Photo from Aromagicare Official

When questioned about the type of character she would like to portray in the future, she expressed her desire to play the role of a doctor, as she wants to fulfill the wishes of her fans. In an interesting revelation, she mentioned that if she were not an actress, she would have pursued a career as a doctor and consultant.

Q&A from Filo-BINGOs

Fans were also given the chance to ask Eun Bin their questions via Twitter. To answer the questions of the fans, she revealed her hidden talent of learning singing, and shared her memorable experience in the Philippines, mentioning the overwhelming support she received from fans at the airport. Eun Bin finds happiness in the little things in life and expressed her gratitude for the love and help she receives from others.

Games and Other Segments

Throughout the fan meeting, various interactive games were played, adding excitement to the event. The first segment called ‘Bin It On’ challenged Eun Bin to choose between different scenarios or options, while ‘Stack-A-Park’ wherein she played with some of her lucky fans, offered a chance to win an Aromagicare gift set. In the ‘Park Attack’ game, cups were shot down, and the lucky winner received a special prize.

In the segment ‘Art Eun Bin’ and as a gesture of appreciation to her fans, Eun Bin personally created a custom-made bouquet, which she presented to a lucky fan celebrating their birthday. She also gifted a beautiful bracelet to the oldest fan in attendance and a stylish canvas bag to the youngest fan, which is a ‘baby’ of one of the audience. Additionally, Eun Bin also gave a shirt and tote bag to the fans who were wearing pink and green.

Some of the games she also played with fans are called ‘Bin There, Done That,’ ‘Pick-Park-Put,’ ‘Flip It In a Minute,’ and ‘Park-zle Race.’

Spectacular Finale

The fan meeting concluded with a heartwarming fan project and a touching performance by Park Eun Bin. She serenaded the crowd with the heartfelt song ‘Especially for You’ by MYMP, leaving everyone in awe of her vocal talent and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Overall, Park Eun Bin’s fan meeting was a remarkable event that allowed fans to connect with their favorite actress on a personal level. It was a memorable experience filled with laughter, excitement, and appreciation for the love and support received from fans. Eun Bin’s genuine and down-to-earth personality shone through, making the event a true celebration of her talent and connection with her devoted fanbase, BINGOs.

Written by Janezel Gallardo

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