Celebs join #ThanksToChallenge campaign

To give support and cheer for Medical Frontliners, “#덕분에챌린지 (#ThanksToChallenge), ” a cheer-relay challenge has been launched.

“#덕분에챌린지 (#ThanksToChallenge)” is a campaign dedicated to the medical staff on the frontline who are struggling for us. The campaign has two symbols or sign-languages.

For the Nationals:

How to participate:
1. Take a photo with this sign-language means ‘I respect you’.
(Raising both hands vertically, with the thumb-up-hand on the palm of the other hand)
2. Tag three people who will participate in this cheering relay following you.
3. Please don’t forget hashtag #thankstochallenge
4. Upload photo with hashtag on Instagram.

For Medical Staff:

Here are some celebrities who participated in “#덕분에챌린지 (#ThanksToChallenge)” :

This is not a complete list. If we miss someone, please comment it down and we would add them.

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