EXO Suho confirmed to enlist on May 14

Suho, leader of K-Pop group EXO confirmed to enlist in the military on the 14th of May.

Born in 1991, Suho announced through their official fan community that he will perform his mandatory military service on May 14. He also said that he will miss EXO-Ls.

“I hope EXO-L, who thinks of me and loves me every day is always stay healthy. I sincerely thank you and love you. We Are One EXO, Saranghaja!” he expressed.

According to Star News’ exclusive report on May 4, Suho will enter the military training camp on May 14.

Moreover, Suho is the third EXO member to fulfill his mandatory military service after Xiumin and D.O.

He recently made his solo debut with his first solo album “Self-Portrait”. After its release, “Self-portrait” proved Suho’s global popularity by landing at the No. 1 spot on various music charts.

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