Spring blooms in Manila as Park Bom captivates PH fans during ‘You & I’ fanconcert

With the ever-changing weather in the Philippines, the enduring warmth of Filipino Blackjacks/Bomshells remains constant. On June 10, at New Frontier Theater, we witnessed an incredible display of unwavering support from the crowd as they danced and sang along. While the Philippines may not experience Spring, we are blessed with the presence of Park Bom, whose talent and charisma bring a vibrant and blossoming energy to the fans’ lives.

As the rain pour outside the venue, Park Bom opened the fan concert with 2ne1’s hit song ‘Fire.’ The opening song ignited the energy of the fans in the venue.

When asked about her musical inspirations, Park Bom revealed that her sources of inspiration are none other than the legendary Mariah Carey and the incomparable Sandara Park.

One of the most unforgettable highlights of the event occurred when a few lucky fans were given the opportunity to showcase their dance skills in front of Park Bom, performing iconic 2NE1 songs. The stage came alive as the fans mesmerized the audience with their incredible dance moves, each displaying their passion and admiration for 2ne1’s music. Park Bom, appreciating the dedication and talent, carefully selected a deserving winner. As a memorable conclusion to the moment, the lucky fans had the privilege of capturing a cherished photo with Park Bom, forever preserving that interaction.

Park Bom mesmerized the crowd with her vocals, delivering a powerful performance of her renowned songs that included “Spring,” “4:44,” “Don’t Cry,” “I Don’t Care,” “My Lover,” “Do Re Mi Fa Sol,” “One of These Days,” and “Shameful.” Each note she sang reverberated through the venue, captivating hearts and stirring up nostalgic emotions.

However, the pinnacle of the fan concert arrived when Park Bom saved her iconic hit, “You & I,” for the grand finale. The entire audience caught up in a wave of nostalgia, joined her in a heartwarming sing-along that transported everyone back to the cherished memories of the good old days.

Park Bom ended the fan concert with 2ne1’s “Lonely”.

Park Bom “You & I” in Manila was presented by Neueave Events and Productions.

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