Cha Jun Ho shares he gained more confidence than before

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Singles, a fashion magazine, released photos of Cha Jun Ho that features his manhwa character like visuals.

In the pictorial, Cha Jun Ho displayed variety of his boyfriend-like charms that surely captured the hearts of women.

Cha Jun Ho, who has been loved by many even before his debut with his amazing visual presence, said he is developing himself every day for a new leap forward, including vocal training, choreography and live performance monitoring.

“A year has passed since our debut, and I have a lot of confidence in myself,” he revealed.

“I thought I might do something else one day. But singing and dancing has gotten really fun and better over the past year. I have a desire to do better, and there are many things that I haven’t shown yet. You can look forward to it,” Cha Jun Ho added.

For music, he said that he listens to various types of music. He love R&B and trendy pop so he want to try that genre. He also shared that Dean is the artist he respects a lot.

Furthermore, Cha Jun Ho shared that he is busy everyday even on his break. “I’m spending more time on self-improvement than a break,” he said.

“I am grateful and happy. I want to work harder to show my fans better performances in return for their support. It may be funny for me, who is only 19, to say things like this, bu tI think youth seems to be a matter of mindset. I want to sing and dance in a cool way 10 years later and 20 years later. I don’t want to lose my initial resolution so that people will say that Cha Jun Ho is always works hard and a positive influence to others.” Cha Jun Ho said.

Cha Jun Ho is a trainee of Woollim Entertainment. He gained popularity when he joined Produce X 101 and later on debut as a member of X1.


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