Filipino Deobis and The Boyz met again in ‘The Castle’

The Boyz came back in Manila to meet their Filipino ‘The Bs’ / Deobis once again as their last and final stop.

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On a rainy day, June 30, The Boyz made us feel warm as they arrived for their solo Fan meeting and Concert ‘The Castle‘. The Boyz held their Fan Con in the New Frontier Theater, 5 PM.

The Boyz burned the stage with their debut song ‘Boy’ for their opening stage. Deobis felt the energy as The Boyz started dancing and singing. They realized that ‘This is not a dream for a moment….The Boyz is standing in front of them like this’. The group also performed ‘Right Here’.

Right after their two opening stages, the group proceeds to the Fan meeting chapter. The Boyz played Intro Quiz and Whisper Challenge which is very famous. In the first game ‘Intro Quiz’ The Boyz was divided into three (3) teams, the mechanics are they have to guess the song by just the intro and dance the song. The members danced to ‘The Boys by Girls’ Generation,’Love Me Right by EXO,’ ‘TT by Twice,’ ‘Lullaby by GOT7’ and ‘Fake Love by BTS’.Whisper Challenge was the last game the boys played. Whisper Challenge is a game where players listen to loud music through their headphones while another player whispers a word to other team members but the twist is the words are Filipino terms or landmarks. Team B got two correct answers ‘Halo-Halo’ and ‘Palawan’. Other teams were not able to get the correct answers ‘Rizal Park’ and ‘Sinigang‘.

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The Boyz sings a very touching Filipino classic song ‘Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko’.The song has the message to never let go and nothing will change even if we grow old. Filipino Deobis sing-along with The Boyz.

Furthermore, The Boyz showed off their sharp and powerful moves with ‘No Air’ remix and ‘Get It’. The group also do a dance cover of the two popular songs ‘Call Me Baby by EXO’ and ‘Cheer Up by Twice’.

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The Boyz dazzlingly bloomed as they hit the stage with their latest title ‘Bloom Bloom’. It felt like a dream you don’t want to wake up from. The members made Deobis heart flutter with their adorable charms as they performed ‘Only One,’ ‘Text Me Back’ and ‘I’m Your Boy’.

‘I Say Forever, You Say Forever’ The Boyz serenaded deobis by another touching song ‘4EVER‘. They are Deobis destiny and everlasting love. The Boyz and Deobis love will always be there for each other. The Boyz performed ‘KeePer’.

It’s party time! Deobis are getting hype by ‘Giddy Up‘. Loud Screams of excitement filled the New Frontier Theater.\

As the castle gates near its close, The Boyz Philippines (Fanclub) prepared a fanmade VCR and a banner project ‘Let’s Live happily Ever After, The Boyz’. The Fan Con ended with The Boyz’ ‘Clover’.

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“You know what happens when the castle closes? It becomes Deobis/The Bs and The Boyz nation.” – Eric

Maybe the Castle came to its close, the memories will still remain on our hearts and minds. A new chapter awaits to The Boyz and their Deobis.

We would like to express our gratefulness to Three Angles Production by giving us an opportunity to cover this event. 

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