Get a chance to Experience Being a K-Pop Trainee with Vincent Igno!

Have you ever wanted to experience how it’s like to train for dancing just like your favorite K-Pop Artists? If that’s a yes, Fanlife got you covered and is offering you the chance to experience learning your faves dance choreographies professionally with Link-Up Productions choreographer Vincent Igno!

Last Sunday, Link-Up Productions’ Vincent Igno held his first-ever dance workshop; the choreography for this inaugural class? None other than BTS’ chart-topping chart topping hit: Butter! Here are the highlights on what you missed last Sunday:

In true dance workshop fashion, the session started with some warmups led by Vincent to tune some of BTS’ hits. Vincent himself looked the part as he donned some BTS Butter MV-inspired threads!

Everyone was up and ready to learn the dance and some attendees could pass as idol trainees! Even though the choreography was quite detailed, Vincent was able to explain and interpret the dance simply so that even the most novice dancer could follow along.

It wasn’t long before all the attendees were smooth like butter with their slick dance moves. The class ended on a high note, all smiles regardless of the sweat (no blood or tears this time!).

If you missed out on this dance workshop, don’t worry! You can still have access to Vincent Igno’s following workshops by subscribing to him for only 199/month on Fanlife! Don’t miss his next class for ‘Permission to Dance’ by BTS on August 1, 2021! 

You may also request what dance you would like to learn next; who knows, maybe you’ll be the next idol in training after passing that dance audition!

What are you waiting for? Go get that subscription and start improving your dance skills with Link-Up Production here!


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