MAMAMOO Concludes ‘MY CON’ Asia Tour

Congratulations, MAMAMOO!

Vocal Queens, MAMAMOO, comprising of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, has successfully concluded their first world tour across Asia. It was a splendid feat, brimming with mesmerizing performances and overwhelming support from their adoring Moomoos (fandom name).

On February 12, MAMAMOO concluded their first world tour ‘MAMAMOO WORLD TOUR ‘MY CON” with a spectacular finale in Manila, Philippines.

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MAMAMOO embarked on their world tour in Seoul in November of last year and went on to hold a grand total of 15 concerts across 9 different Asian regions, including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Through this tour, the group had the pleasure of meeting countless fans from all around the globe.

MAMAMOO’s ‘MY CON’ marked their first-ever world tour since their debut, and it garnered significant attention well before the tour kicked off. The group’s immense popularity was evident as all tickets for their performances in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, and Seoul were sold out within moments of becoming available, further affirming MAMAMOO’s unrivaled ticket-selling power.

During the concert, MAMAMOO performed a plethora of their hit songs, including “ILLELLA”, “Mr. Ambiguous”, “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, “You’re the Best”, among others. The crowd of local fans was ecstatic and full of enthusiasm as MAMAMOO’s unique energy radiated through their live performance. The group’s ability to captivate the audience and showcase their true value as a group to be trusted and listened to was truly remarkable, and the fans reciprocated by passionately cheering and singing along in Korean.

The concert also featured a solo stage, which highlighted the members’ individual talents and impeccable stage presence. Overall, ‘MY CON’ demonstrated MAMAMOO’s prowess as a performance group, with a sensuous stage composition that was truly one-of-a-kind.

Photo courtesy of Wilbros Live

MAMAMOO said, “We prepared really hard for the Asian tour by learning the languages of each country, and we are proud that many Moomoos liked us, and I think every moment will remain as a happy memory. I think we received a lot of energy from Moomoo’s applause and cheers. We will continue to be a MAMAMOO and we will repay you with great performances and good music.”

MAMAMOO will continue to meet global fans through their upcoming tour in the Americas.

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