Manila officially part of The Boyz ZENERATION

Filipino Deobis have left an indelible mark on The Boyz members, cementing a strong and lasting connection. 

On July 15, The Boyz consisting of members Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Juhaknyeon, Sunwoo, and Eric successfully wrapped up their solo concert “ZENERATION” in Manila. 

As part of K-Pop fans’ tradition, Filipino Deobis gather at the venue long before the event starts. They gave out hand banners, stickers, photocards, and more fanmade merchandise to their fellow fans. 

At exactly 5 PM, the venue lights faded to black signaling that the concert is about to start. A resounding eruption of cheers resonated throughout the coliseum, filling the air with palpable excitement and anticipation.

The Boyz opened their concert with an explosive (like literally) performance of “Ego” from their first album, Reveal. Seamlessly flowing from one high-energy track to another, they immediately followed it up with “Reveal”, also from the same album.

Setting the stage ablaze with their dynamic dance moves, The Boyz mesmerized the audience with their impeccable performance of “Awake”. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as they unleashed their full power during the heart-pounding performance of “ROAR”.

Moving into the second part of the concert, The Boyz effortlessly switched gears, captivating the audience with their endearing boyfriend charm and refreshing vibes. They delighted fans with an enchanting sequence of performances, starting with the cool performance of “I’m Your Boy.”

Keeping the crowd engaged, they followed it up with the catchy tunes of “Text Me Back” and the feel-good energy of “KeePer.” They also performed “Only ONE” which surely captivates the hearts of the fans. 

After that performance, The Boyz then introduced themselves with each of them saying some Filipino phrases. They expressed how thankful they are to Filipino Deobis who attended the concert. It was then followed by their “Whisper” performance. 

The energy in the venue soared to new heights as The Boyz unleashed a dynamic and thrilling performance of “Thrill Ride,” undoubtedly becoming one of the night’s standout moments.  Keeping the momentum going, The Boyz continued to ignite the stage with their infectious energy during the performance of “D.D.D.” Fans were completely engrossed in the music, dancing and jumping along with the group. 

The Boyz transported their fans into a dreamlike realm with a series of captivating performances. Beginning with the enchanting “Lucid Dream.” Continuing the enchantment, they charmed the audience with the dreamy melodies of “Daydream.” As graceful as butterflies, The Boyz fluttered across the stage during their performance of “Butterfly,” spreading their “Wings”  and sending waves of delight through the crowd.

As the concert near the end, The Boyz revealed their powerful and fierce side, igniting the stage with a series of performances. The intensity kicked off with the hauntingly captivating “Nightmares,” where their commanding presence and haunting vocals sent shivers down the audience’s spines. Next, they delved into the adrenaline-pumping beats of “Russian Roulette”.

Continuing the set, The Boyz unleashed their raw energy during the captivating performance of “Insanity”. For their last song, they stormed the stage with the powerful anthem “MAVERICK”. 

For their encore performance, The Boyz seranded the crowd with “Spring Snow,” “Horizon” and “Timeless.” 

The Boyz ZENERATION in Manila was presented by DNM Entertainment and IN2UNE Entertainment. 

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