GOT7’s Park Jinyoung details changes, challenges, future plans

On February 26, GOT7 member Park Jinyoung held a press conference prior to his fan meeting titled ‘Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You and Me.’

As the doors to the press conference room swung open, there was a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. The room, once quiet and subdued, was suddenly infused with a bright energy as Park Jinyoung strode in, his presence commanding attention. The GOT7 member was dressed impeccably in a well-tailored brown suit that hugged his figure in all the right places, accentuating his sharp features and adding a touch of elegance to his already impressive aura.

For the first question, Park Jinyoung was asked about the changes he has experienced over the past decade since his debut in both singing and acting. He responded by noting that his speech patterns have shifted from his native dialect to Seoul dialect. Additionally, he playfully referenced his growth in height and muscles, noting that he had indeed bulked up since his early days in the industry. Jinyoung’s light-hearted response served to highlight his easygoing nature and charm, while also acknowledging the physical and personal growth he has undergone since first stepping into the limelight over a decade ago.

First of all, the way I speak has changed from 10 years ago. I used to talk in dialect but now I use more of the Seoul dialect. And I have grown in height, and my muscles have grown compared to the time that I was young. More than 10 years ago. Oh, did you see? (laugh) where? Thank you.

Jinyoung was asked which of the drama roles he starred in challenged him the most. He responded by saying that he finds all roles difficult because some of them may appear simple at first, but become challenging as he builds the character. Currently, he is shooting for the drama “Witch” where he plays the role of Dong-Jin. He finds this role challenging as it requires him to put a lot of thought into it.

Honestly speaking, I cannot just specify which role was the most challenging. Because some of them looked simple in the beginning but they became challenging as I was building the character, so I find all roles difficult. And “Witch”, the drama I am currently shooting, I am playing as Character Dong-Jin. It is challenging as I have to put a lot of thought into it.

Jinyoung believes that the best thing about pursuing a solo career as a music artist is the short preparation time of only 40 minutes, compared to 2 and a half hours with a team. However, he admits that while it may be more enjoyable to be with other members, he sometimes feels lonely as a solo artist.

Preparation time is short. Just 40 minutes. With the team, 2 hours and half. Too short. That is all (That is the only best thing). It is surely more enjoyable to be with the rest of the members but I feel lonely at times. Official Answer( This is the “correct” answer that I should give.) (Laughter) Just kidding.

As the fan meeting tour is titled Rendezvous, a question was asked about a memorable encounter that will always stay with Jinyoung. Accorfding to him, despite not performing in concerts for the past two years, there was a recent performance with GOT7 in Korea after the release of their new album, which struck a poignant memory. Jinyoung was hit with a wave of emotions while performing in front of their fans after such a long break, making it a cherished and unforgettable rendezvous.

I have not been performing in concerts for the past 2 years. Well, I did perform last year (in Korea) when GOT7 released a new album, but as I performed after a long break, that memory hit me really big. Performing right in front of the fans.

As someone who is in the entertainment industry, Jinyoung has had the opportunity to meet numerous senior figures whom he admires. When asked about who he would most like to meet, Jinyoung revealed that he recently had the pleasure of meeting Lee Byung-Hun. Speaking candidly, Jinyoung explained that such encounters always leave him feeling happy and grateful for the chance to connect with those he looks up to.

To be honest, juniors like us have a lot of seniors that we look up to, and we slowly have more opportunities to meet them. And every time I meet them, I feel happy and recently I’ve met Lee Byung-Hun, whom I totally respect. So I was just really delighted.

Jinyoung expressed his desire to take on a variety of roles in his career. When asked about the type of projects and characters he wishes to undertake, Jinyoung replied,

To be frank, I want to play all the roles. Because, although all characters look similar, as an actor who actually acts out the characters, they all have their own charm so I want to try all roles, and I also want to play a character that is around my age.

When asked about his plans for the remainder of the year 2023, Jinyoung revealed his tight schedule.

First is the Fancon in the Philippines today. Then the concert in Taiwan after 2 days. For now, I would like to complete the two events successfully. Also, I want to do my best for the drama that I am shooting right now, until the end. Those are my plans.

As the latest member of the popular K-Pop group GOT7 to have a show in the Philippines, Jinyoung is thrilled to be able to connect with his fans in the country once again. After performing in various countries recently, Jinyoung was struck by the dedication of the Filipino fans who have been patiently waiting for GOT7’s return.

Honestly, it has been too long since I have touch based with the fans in the Philippines and communicated with them. And as I performed in many different countries recently, I was so moved by the fact that there are fans still waiting for us even after a long time of not being able to come. So, I was like “I really want to come back”. (Though I am actually here today). and I really want to show my gratitude towards the fans who are always waiting, and I really wish to have a concert again together with my GOT7 members in the Philippines and have a fun performance.

Lastly, he never failed to express his gratitude towards his fans.

I want to thank Philippines Ahgase for waiting for me for such a long time although I was not able to come here for a long time. To make up for the years that we have not met, I want to communicate with the fans by always showing new aspects of me. And thank you always, and I will most definitely come back.

Park Jinyoung ‘Rendezvous’ in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour.

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