Here’s how Seventeen and Sent Into Space sent microphone in space!

K-pop group Seventeen partnered with Sent Into Space for their latest music video "음악의 신' (God of Music)" by sending a microphone into space.

This innovative concept was originally pitched by the Korean production company SL8, they sent over a disco-ball-inspired microphone to be launched into space for the shot. 

Photo courtesy of Sent Into Space

Upon receiving the microphone, Sent Into Space‘s engineering team embarked on designing a customized spacecraft for its journey to space. Their primary objective was to build a vehicle that ensured both safety and security while also capturing an aesthetically pleasing shot for the music video.

Photo courtesy of Sent Into Space

According to the press release, they achieved this by affixing the microphone using discreet carbon fiber rods, ensuring its perfect and secure placement. After the design was finalized, the team efficiently constructed the spacecraft in just three days, ensuring it was prepared for launch and capable of retrieving the footage.

Photo courtesy of Sent Into Space
Photo courtesy of Sent Into Space

Last October 10 at their special launch site in Derbyshire, UK, the spacecraft was attached to a high-altitude balloon filled with hydrogen gas. The microphone ascended to an altitude of more than 113,000 feet and remained airborne for a duration exceeding two hours. Following the collection of footage on that very day, the team successfully edited the sequence for inclusion in the Seventeen music video, which can be viewed between the 3:15 and 3:19 timestamps. In this segment, the microphone can be observed floating in the space.

WATCH SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) ‘음악의 신’ Official MV

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