SF9 Rowoon receives offer to star in new historical drama

'SF9' Rowoon is reviewing his next project.

Rowoon is currently reviewing offer to star in a new drama.

‘FNC Entertainment’ said in a phone call with ‘Dispatch’ on the 19th, “Rowoon has been offered ‘Sending Me to You’ (tentative title) and is reviewing it.” 

“Sending Me To You” is a comedic melodrama set in the Joseon Dynasty, It follows the story of Jung Soon Deok, a young widow and Shim Jung Woo, a young widower. As they team up to arrange marriages for four young maidens of Joseon, they navigate through the struggles and challenges that come their way.

If Rowoon confirms his role, he will play the protagonist, Shim Jeong Woo. Jeong Woo is a character with both intelligence and good looks, but struggles with humility.

At seventeen, Jeong Woo falls in love and marries a princess, but tragedy strikes when the princess collapses during the wedding ceremony. In the wake of this, Jeong Woo asks for their marriage to be annulled and decides to put his talents to use in serving his country by entering the matchmaking business. He works to marry off young maidens in the country under the king’s orders.

Rowoon has been offered another historical drama, following the success of “The King’s Affection” in 2021, where he starred opposite Park Eun-bin in a court romance on KBS-2TV. In addition,

Meanwhile, Rowoon recently returned as a musician, and on the 9th, he was active with his group SF9 and their 12th mini-album “The Piece of 9”.

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