How Eun Bin Note: Binkan in Manila turned into a heartwarming story

In 2022, things are gradually returning to normal. As time passed, however, we began to feel lost and isolated from the rest of the world. It’s perfectly normal. But one thing we are grateful for this year is that we met our Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo. Her story moved us, and the drama taught us a lot. We were also fortunate to meet Park Eun Bin, the actress who plays Attorney Woo.

On October 23, Park Eun Bin shared a healing night with her Filipino fans at the New Frontier Theater.

Park Eun Bin details her character Attorney Woo Young Woo

Park Eun Bin greeted the press during the press conference, saying, “Magandang umaga po, ako po si Park Eun Bin.” Ms. Happee gave Park Eun Bin a flower bouquet before the press conference began. Eun Bin expressed how happy she was to be in the Philippines. She also stated that she wishes to return to Cebu, having previously visited the place.

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When asked what she wanted to try in the Philippines, she said she wanted to do activities that were only available in the Philippines because she was very adventurous.

Moreover, Park Eun Bin recalled that when she was younger, she was interested in narration and speeches, and from there she wanted to explore acting. She also talked on why she enjoys acting. She explained that she enjoys playing other people’s lives because their lives are so different from hers. As for the roles she wants to pursue, she revealed that she wishes to pursue romantic comedies and hopes to be cast in such roles. Eun Bin mentioned that she learned so many things as an actress, but playing Attorney Woo allowed her to put her acting abilities to the test.

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Going along with Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin pointed that something interesting about her and Woo Young Woo is that Attorney Woo has never seen a whale in real life, whereas Park Eun Bin has seen a lot. She also shared that the first episode situated in the courtroom is a memorable scene for her as it was significant to her character. There are many memorable quotes throughout the drama, but Park Eun Bin stated that her favorite line was when Attorney Woo met her mother and she discussed the narwhal and said that her life is unusual and extraordinary, but also valuable.

How Eun Bin Note: Binkan in Manila turned into a heartwarming story

Park Eun Bin opened the fanmeeting on October 23 by singing Hello by Joy. Handwritten translations of the word “Hello” can be seen on the LED screen, including the Filipino translation: “Kumusta.” After the song, she went on greeting the fans using our native language, “Kumusta kayo? Ako po si Park Eun Bin. Ikinagagalak kong makita kayo. Salamat sa pagpunta!”

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Surprisingly, Park Eun Bin introduced the host, Kring Kim. Usually, the host introduces the artist, but this time it’s the other way around. The host and Park Eun Bi had a great chemistry throughout the fan meeting.

To be honest, we are not also sure about what “Binkan” means, luckily Park Eun Bin explained that meaning behind it. She shared that Binkan means exmpty space, and with the fan meeting she will fill the space with her Filipino Bingos.

In one of the segments, she read some messages from her fans. One fan shared that when she was at the lowest of her life because she failed to pass the board exam, Park Eun Bin’s character in “Age of Youth” became her comfort and happiness.

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Every fan in the venue had the opportunity to play the Balance game with Park Eun Bin. Each of the three winners received a signed tote bag featuring a special rabbit and they also receive a Polaroid photograph of Eun Bin.

One memorable part is when we see clips of her from some of her most famous roles. I can’t believe that the actress playing that role was right in front of us.

With her sweet voice, she sang an official soundtrack from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” titled “The Blue Night of Jeju Island.”

Of course, any event in the Philippines is not complete without the fan projects, Filipino Bingos gifted Park Eun Bin a cake and a special video. While watching the video she got emotional.

Photo from Namoo Actors

We are already impressed on Park Eun Bin learning our language and we really appreciate it, but it did not end there, she sang “Especially For You” by MYMP, an acoustic band from the Philippines. She dedicated the song to her Filipino fans and mentioned that she will only perform it in Manila.

White confetti filled the empty space. That “Binkan” is no longer empty. It now contains all of Park Eun Bin’s and Filipino Bingos’ memories. It’s filled with love, friendship, and only good memories. We are now a part of each other’s memories, and we are excited to begin writing on the next pages.

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