Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun drops “With” album preview

At 6 p.m. on the 14th, Woollim Entertainment published a preview video of Nam Woo Hyun’s 4th mini album ‘With’ on its official YouTube account.

Photo courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

The teaser video draws attention, with numerous pictures of Nam Woo Hyun displaying his exceptional beauty and some of the songs from ‘With’ playing out.

Beginning with the title song ‘Between Calm and Passion,’ the album comprises of six tracks, including the title song, ‘Lonely Night,’ ‘My Diary,’ ‘Alone,’ and ‘A Song for You,’ increasing anticipation for the launch of ‘the finest album ever.’

The title track, ‘Between Calm and Passion,’ is a dreamy R&B pop ballad with a strong bass line, a compact yet emotional groove, and Nam Woo Hyun’s controlled vocals. It provides a sleepy and seductive mood through communicating great affection and deep inner thoughts in a ‘passionate picture masquerading as coldness.’

Nam Woo Hyun is slated to openly demonstrate his distinctive sense and musical talents, which he has expanded by contributing in the lyrics of ‘Between Calm and Passion,’ ‘Alone,’ and ‘A Song for You,’ as well as composing in ‘A Song for You.’ Global fans are anticipating the distinct musical hue that Nam Woo Hyun will bring with ‘With.’

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