Jisoo loses defamation lawsuit against school violence accusers

Actor Jisoo, who has been accused of committing school violence during his school days, has filed a lawsuit for defamation against those who first exposed the allegations and those who supported the claims through comments. However, the court has supported the arguments of those who claim that Jisoo did commit school violence. The legal dispute over the truth of the allegations is ongoing and has entered its second year.

According to the verdict obtained by Korean Media OSEN on the 17th, the judge stated that after reviewing the evidence submitted by both parties, the individual who exposed Jisoo’s alleged school violence provided detailed accounts of witnessing or suffering from the violence. Based on this evidence, the judge determined that the accusations of school violence against Jisoo were credible.

In March 2021, an online exposé was posted accusing Jisoo of committing various forms of school violence since 2007 when he was in the second year of middle school. The exposé alleged that Jisoo, as a leader of a group of Iljin, engaged in actions such as beatings, insults, forcing others to smoke, shutting down, harassment, ridicule, swearing, bullying, extortion, and making immoral statements. The writer of the exposé stated that many individuals suffered greatly as a result of Jisoo’s actions.

According to the report. four months later, he suddenly changed his position. “Most of the content of the article that raised suspicion that the client (Jisoo) committed school violence in the past is false,” Jisoo’s legal representative stated in July 2021. “I filed a complaint for timely defamation.”

Regarding the reason why the revealers were not charged with defamation, it stated, “In light of the precedent, the act of the suspect writing a comment on the accuser is judged to be in the public interest, and there is no purpose of slander as the public interest is recognized.”

Meanwhile, as soon as the suspicion of school violence was revealed, Jisoo dropped out of KBS 2TV’s ‘River Where the Moon Rises,’ in which he was starring at the time. He has terminated his exclusive contract with his agency, Keyeast, and enlisted as a social service agent in October 2021.

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